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harmonycoin  (HMC)
HarmonyCoin (HMC)
$0.000321517141 -3.4%
0.00000001 BTC -0.6%
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24H Range
Market Cap ?
24 Hour Trading Vol $2.82
Circulating Supply ?
Total Supply 67,130,000,000
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HarmonyCoin XRP (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-08-04 XRP0.000000000000 XRP3.977394 XRP0.00045377 N/A
2021-08-03 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.91676909 XRP0.00043938 XRP0.00045377
2021-08-02 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.03580359 XRP0.00044763 XRP0.00043938
2021-08-01 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.45363389 XRP0.00045227 XRP0.00044763
2021-07-31 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.03690806 XRP0.00046137 XRP0.00045227
2021-07-30 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.18704986 XRP0.00044846 XRP0.00046137
2021-07-29 XRP0.000000000000 XRP3.156091 XRP0.00047763 XRP0.00044846
2021-07-28 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.75504726 XRP0.00050336 XRP0.00047763
2021-07-27 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.41641819 XRP0.00051175 XRP0.00050336
2021-07-26 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.15864572 XRP0.00056333 XRP0.00051175
2021-07-25 XRP0.000000000000 XRP1.634030 XRP0.00047038 XRP0.00056333
2021-07-24 XRP0.000000000000 XRP1.184276 XRP0.00058092 XRP0.00047038
2021-07-23 XRP0.000000000000 XRP2.387134 XRP0.00056336 XRP0.00058092
2021-07-22 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.31961907 XRP0.00053270 XRP0.00056336
2021-07-21 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.73590501 XRP0.00053244 XRP0.00053270
2021-07-20 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.02393399 XRP0.00053905 XRP0.00053244
2021-07-19 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.02393399 XRP0.00053905 XRP0.00053905
2021-07-18 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.32931661 XRP0.00051791 XRP0.00053905
2021-07-17 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.38725498 XRP0.00050955 XRP0.00051791
2021-07-16 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.38037353 XRP0.00050727 XRP0.00050955
2021-07-15 XRP0.000000000000 XRP1.143376 XRP0.00049996 XRP0.00050727
2021-07-14 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.74095436 XRP0.00049837 XRP0.00049996
2021-07-13 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.73910358 XRP0.00049712 XRP0.00049837
2021-07-12 XRP0.000000000000 XRP1.401683 XRP0.00047833 XRP0.00049712
2021-07-11 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.33692625 XRP0.00050078 XRP0.00047833
2021-07-10 XRP0.000000000000 XRP2.324888 XRP0.00047035 XRP0.00050078
2021-07-09 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.38610250 XRP0.00049572 XRP0.00047035
2021-07-08 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.08445379 XRP0.00048903 XRP0.00049572
2021-07-07 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.00857741 XRP0.00050537 XRP0.00048903
2021-07-06 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.11415286 XRP0.00050735 XRP0.00050537
2021-07-05 XRP0.000000000000 XRP0.92145828 XRP0.00049734 XRP0.00050735
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