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holiday chain  (HCC)
Holiday Chain (HCC)
$0.459019 0.4%
0.00001341 BTC 0.9%
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24 Hour Trading Vol $158,113
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Holiday Chain AUD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-25 A$0.000000000000 A$216,289 A$0.626185 N/A
2021-07-24 A$0.000000000000 A$215,537 A$0.625844 A$0.626185
2021-07-23 A$0.000000000000 A$216,097 A$0.623990 A$0.625844
2021-07-22 A$0.000000000000 A$216,329 A$0.626766 A$0.623990
2021-07-21 A$0.000000000000 A$217,438 A$0.629407 A$0.626766
2021-07-20 A$0.000000000000 A$215,726 A$0.621566 A$0.629407
2021-07-19 A$0.000000000000 A$214,644 A$0.621821 A$0.621566
2021-07-18 A$0.000000000000 A$213,278 A$0.617062 A$0.621821
2021-07-17 A$0.000000000000 A$216,196 A$0.627408 A$0.617062
2021-07-16 A$0.000000000000 A$211,796 A$0.614152 A$0.627408
2021-07-15 A$0.000000000000 A$213,900 A$0.622290 A$0.614152
2021-07-14 A$0.000000000000 A$213,817 A$0.622068 A$0.622290
2021-07-13 A$0.000000000000 A$214,477 A$0.622403 A$0.622068
2021-07-12 A$0.000000000000 A$211,417 A$0.611390 A$0.622403
2021-07-11 A$0.000000000000 A$211,526 A$0.613292 A$0.611390
2021-07-10 A$0.000000000000 A$211,100 A$0.609999 A$0.613292
2021-07-09 A$0.000000000000 A$214,323 A$0.618080 A$0.609999
2021-07-08 A$0.000000000000 A$211,157 A$0.608555 A$0.618080
2021-07-07 A$0.000000000000 A$212,623 A$0.611892 A$0.608555
2021-07-06 A$0.000000000000 A$208,238 A$0.605910 A$0.611892
2021-07-05 A$0.000000000000 A$209,923 A$0.611546 A$0.605910
2021-07-04 A$0.000000000000 A$209,659 A$0.604047 A$0.611546
2021-07-03 A$0.000000000000 A$210,257 A$0.608965 A$0.604047
2021-07-02 A$0.000000000000 A$210,916 A$0.614719 A$0.608965
2021-07-01 A$0.000000000000 A$211,586 A$0.613933 A$0.614719
2021-06-30 A$0.000000000000 A$209,653 A$0.606458 A$0.613933
2021-06-29 A$0.000000000000 A$210,512 A$0.607885 A$0.606458
2021-06-28 A$0.000000000000 A$208,621 A$0.607259 A$0.607885
2021-06-27 A$0.000000000000 A$210,236 A$0.609368 A$0.607259
2021-06-26 A$0.000000000000 A$209,171 A$0.603893 A$0.609368
2021-06-25 A$0.000000000000 A$208,589 A$0.606176 A$0.603893
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