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holiday chain  (HCC)
Holiday Chain (HCC)
$0.452667 -1.3%
0.00001198 BTC 0.9%
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Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.450209 / $0.463397
Circulating Supply
? / ?

Holiday Chain MMK (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-06-17 K0.000000000000 K260,086,872 K748.77 N/A
2021-06-16 K0.000000000000 K260,203,563 K753.16 K748.77
2021-06-15 K0.000000000000 K264,206,343 K762.90 K753.16
2021-06-14 K0.000000000000 K263,843,560 K762.94 K762.90
2021-06-13 K0.000000000000 K262,805,866 K756.09 K762.94
2021-06-12 K0.000000000000 K260,940,497 K749.82 K756.09
2021-06-11 K0.000000000000 K259,961,842 K755.43 K749.82
2021-06-10 K0.000000000000 K259,885,865 K752.16 K755.43
2021-06-09 K0.000000000000 K261,816,177 K755.16 K752.16
2021-06-08 K0.000000000000 K258,933,661 K747.39 K755.16
2021-06-07 K0.000000000000 K262,763,983 K755.54 K747.39
2021-06-06 K0.000000000000 K260,265,676 K755.60 K755.54
2021-06-05 K0.000000000000 K260,774,758 K750.67 K755.60
2021-06-04 K0.000000000000 K258,362,096 K748.13 K750.67
2021-06-03 K0.000000000000 K262,003,501 K757.54 K748.13
2021-06-02 K0.000000000000 K262,003,501 K757.54 K757.54
2021-05-30 K0.000000000000 K256,859,666 K740.96 K757.54
2021-05-29 K0.000000000000 K259,752,001 K749.16 K740.96
2021-05-28 K0.000000000000 K263,963,381 K762.32 K749.16
2021-05-27 K0.000000000000 K263,262,352 K757.18 K762.32
2021-05-26 K0.000000000000 K259,615,567 K750.84 K757.18
2021-05-25 K0.000000000000 K258,909,176 K750.66 K750.84
2021-05-24 K0.000000000000 K260,457,665 K754.80 K750.66
2021-05-23 K0.000000000000 K259,750,696 K753.08 K754.80
2021-05-22 K0.000000000000 K260,020,344 K749.92 K753.08
2021-05-21 K0.000000000000 K262,221,309 K754.45 K749.92
2021-05-20 K0.000000000000 K265,504,919 K766.54 K754.45
2021-05-19 K0.000000000000 K261,394,225 K752.31 K766.54
2021-05-18 K0.000000000000 K242,564,199 K704.12 K752.31
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