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holiday chain  (HCC)
Holiday Chain (HCC)
$0.465430 -1.5%
0.00001171 BTC -1.0%
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24 Hour Trading Vol $200,131
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Holiday Chain MXN (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-06-16 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,168,297 MX$9.17 N/A
2021-06-15 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,200,187 MX$9.24 MX$9.17
2021-06-14 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,183,358 MX$9.21 MX$9.24
2021-06-13 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,170,182 MX$9.12 MX$9.21
2021-06-12 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,147,680 MX$9.05 MX$9.12
2021-06-11 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,112,048 MX$9.04 MX$9.05
2021-06-10 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,115,697 MX$9.02 MX$9.04
2021-06-09 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,136,555 MX$9.05 MX$9.02
2021-06-08 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,120,784 MX$9.01 MX$9.05
2021-06-07 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,186,534 MX$9.16 MX$9.01
2021-06-06 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,157,380 MX$9.17 MX$9.16
2021-06-05 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,163,556 MX$9.11 MX$9.17
2021-06-04 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,164,566 MX$9.16 MX$9.11
2021-06-03 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,168,694 MX$9.16 MX$9.16
2021-06-02 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,168,694 MX$9.16 MX$9.16
2021-05-30 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,109,524 MX$8.97 MX$9.16
2021-05-29 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,144,539 MX$9.07 MX$8.97
2021-05-28 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,199,721 MX$9.24 MX$9.07
2021-05-27 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,179,239 MX$9.14 MX$9.24
2021-05-26 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,141,624 MX$9.09 MX$9.14
2021-05-25 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,124,219 MX$9.06 MX$9.09
2021-05-24 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,154,637 MX$9.14 MX$9.06
2021-05-23 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,148,212 MX$9.13 MX$9.14
2021-05-22 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,151,480 MX$9.09 MX$9.13
2021-05-21 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,168,946 MX$9.12 MX$9.09
2021-05-20 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,216,797 MX$9.29 MX$9.12
2021-05-19 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,151,550 MX$9.07 MX$9.29
2021-05-18 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,079,923 MX$8.94 MX$9.07
2021-05-17 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,122,131 MX$9.04 MX$8.94
2021-05-16 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,125,278 MX$9.03 MX$9.04
2021-05-15 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,144,714 MX$9.14 MX$9.03
2021-05-14 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,178,643 MX$9.12 MX$9.14
2021-05-13 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,137,560 MX$9.04 MX$9.12
2021-05-12 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,149,003 MX$9.13 MX$9.04
2021-05-11 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,172,344 MX$9.16 MX$9.13
2021-05-10 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,164,327 MX$9.17 MX$9.16
2021-05-09 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,150,684 MX$9.08 MX$9.17
2021-05-08 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,153,726 MX$9.15 MX$9.08
2021-05-07 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,197,021 MX$9.27 MX$9.15
2021-05-06 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,195,271 MX$9.32 MX$9.27
2021-05-05 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,181,865 MX$9.20 MX$9.32
2021-05-04 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,202,351 MX$9.30 MX$9.20
2021-05-03 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,229,319 MX$9.33 MX$9.30
2021-05-02 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,194,097 MX$9.22 MX$9.33
2021-05-01 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,252,537 MX$9.33 MX$9.22
2021-04-30 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,173,122 MX$9.18 MX$9.33
2021-04-29 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,138,434 MX$9.05 MX$9.18
2021-04-28 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,145,262 MX$9.14 MX$9.05
2021-04-27 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,150,368 MX$9.14 MX$9.14
2021-04-26 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,133,655 MX$9.05 MX$9.14
2021-04-25 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,119,110 MX$9.04 MX$9.05
2021-04-24 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,143,297 MX$9.13 MX$9.04
2021-04-23 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,178,394 MX$9.20 MX$9.13
2021-04-22 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,109,028 MX$9.12 MX$9.20
2021-04-21 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,180,322 MX$9.19 MX$9.12
2021-04-20 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,118,756 MX$9.08 MX$9.19
2021-04-19 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,157,033 MX$9.16 MX$9.08
2021-04-18 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,161,355 MX$9.14 MX$9.16
2021-04-17 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,136,278 MX$9.07 MX$9.14
2021-04-16 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,168,446 MX$9.23 MX$9.07
2021-04-15 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,177,744 MX$9.24 MX$9.23
2021-04-14 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,221,445 MX$9.32 MX$9.24
2021-04-13 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,186,846 MX$9.23 MX$9.32
2021-04-12 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,196,480 MX$9.22 MX$9.23
2021-04-11 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,166,899 MX$9.17 MX$9.22
2021-04-10 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,200,734 MX$9.27 MX$9.17
2021-04-09 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,174,473 MX$9.15 MX$9.27
2021-04-08 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,152,126 MX$9.14 MX$9.15
2021-04-07 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,178,124 MX$9.25 MX$9.14
2021-04-06 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,225,254 MX$9.31 MX$9.25
2021-04-05 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,217,827 MX$9.33 MX$9.31
2021-04-04 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,181,049 MX$9.26 MX$9.33
2021-04-03 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,212,839 MX$9.28 MX$9.26
2021-04-02 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,215,393 MX$9.31 MX$9.28
2021-04-01 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,243,902 MX$9.34 MX$9.31
2021-03-31 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,215,265 MX$9.30 MX$9.34
2021-03-30 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,235,645 MX$9.36 MX$9.30
2021-03-29 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,280,461 MX$9.51 MX$9.36
2021-03-28 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,251,045 MX$9.43 MX$9.51
2021-03-27 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,240,116 MX$9.34 MX$9.43
2021-03-26 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,236,695 MX$9.37 MX$9.34
2021-03-25 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,341,850 MX$9.65 MX$9.37
2021-03-24 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,293,884 MX$9.49 MX$9.65
2021-03-23 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,254,002 MX$9.40 MX$9.49
2021-03-22 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,250,299 MX$9.39 MX$9.40
2021-03-21 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,280,436 MX$9.46 MX$9.39
2021-03-20 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,226,092 MX$9.36 MX$9.46
2021-03-19 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,262,304 MX$9.43 MX$9.36
2021-03-18 MX$0.000000000000 MX$3,261,734 MX$9.45 MX$9.43
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