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IMPERIVMCoin News & Guides

Prominent Coin Analyst Says This Ethereum Competitor Could Be the One

CryptoGlobe (25 minutes ago)

Recently, crypto influencer “Coin Bureau” (“@coinbureau” on Twitter), talked about a layer one (“L1”) blockchain project that has a chance in future to “become a top contender for the king of smart contract cryptocurrencies”. In a video released on his YouTube channel “Coin Bureau“ on November 23... (Read More...)

5 Smaller Play-to-Earn Games And Tokens You Might Have Missed

Cryptomode (25 minutes ago)

The play-to-earn ecosystem continues to fire on all cylinders. As a result, investors, speculators, and enthusiasts show an increasing appetite for assets in this segment. The following five assets aren’t necessarily well-known, yet they note impressive price performance. Realm (REALM) Metaverses... (Read More...)

Buy the NBM token and learn how to trade on the NFT Black Market

Cryptomode (1 hour ago)

Known as the most important black market for NFTs today, this platform is presented as your best ally when it comes to buying and selling non-fungible tokens with the greatest speed and security. Stay until the end and we explain how to acquire the native currency of this platform and produce ben... (Read More...)

3 Crypto Games That Should Be On Every Investor’s Radar

Bitcoinist (1 hour ago)

In 2021, over 175 billion dollars was spent in the gaming industry. And while this revenue has historically always been distributed to gaming studios such as Blizzard or Tencent, we have seen a shift this year, with the spread of blockchain technology in games, with gamers reaping the fruits of t... (Read More...)

Check Out The Discounted Price Of These Top Crypto Coins.

CoinGape (1 hour ago)

The majority of crypto coins that displayed remarkable rally in ‘Uptomber’ have now entered a correction phase in November. However, these minor pullbacks are ideally a one-step-back to another two-step forward rally, and therefore provide some excellent opportunities to buy your favorite crypto ... (Read More...)

The Hottest Chart in Crypto?

Trustnodes (2 hours ago)

“ETH/BTC most important chart in crypto at the moment,” says Crypto Cobain, a long time bitcoin and crypto trader whose 2014 IRC own twitter shilling has now got him half... (Read More...)

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