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loom network (old)  (LOOMOLD)
Loom Network (OLD) (LOOMOLD)
$0.116029 -19.1%
0.00000233 BTC -11.0%
0.00004982 ETH -8.2%
5,922 people like this
Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.09415036 / $0.144551
Circulating Supply
833,914,552 / 1,000,000,000

Loom Network (OLD) MYR (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-04-23 RM448,881,693 RM31,653,940 RM0.537506 N/A
2021-04-22 RM498,340,618 RM31,912,467 RM0.595512 RM0.537506
2021-04-21 RM497,457,389 RM45,968,963 RM0.609866 RM0.595512
2021-04-20 RM523,267,286 RM26,499,830 RM0.596682 RM0.609866
2021-04-19 RM552,194,259 RM44,202,903 RM0.665340 RM0.596682
2021-04-18 RM623,899,051 RM29,888,376 RM0.744412 RM0.665340
2021-04-17 RM604,993,856 RM43,185,604 RM0.745257 RM0.744412
2021-04-16 RM660,873,556 RM37,038,909 RM0.792980 RM0.745257
2021-04-15 RM636,792,731 RM50,104,589 RM0.760361 RM0.792980
2021-04-14 RM665,225,704 RM39,098,329 RM0.800270 RM0.760361
2021-04-13 RM663,131,838 RM33,315,406 RM0.795995 RM0.800270
2021-04-12 RM693,356,613 RM34,828,273 RM0.832033 RM0.795995
2021-04-11 RM721,050,019 RM61,397,140 RM0.868081 RM0.832033
2021-04-10 RM718,474,217 RM45,173,111 RM0.866194 RM0.868081
2021-04-09 RM701,050,264 RM129,122,547 RM0.843345 RM0.866194
2021-04-08 RM628,709,028 RM175,381,540 RM0.750514 RM0.843345
2021-04-07 RM742,251,431 RM163,170,171 RM0.884554 RM0.750514
2021-04-06 RM793,785,329 RM215,444,441 RM0.955222 RM0.884554
2021-04-05 RM817,228,567 RM151,169,434 RM0.980262 RM0.955222
2021-04-04 RM736,996,396 RM92,397,842 RM0.855765 RM0.980262
2021-04-03 RM836,951,697 RM363,390,848 RM1.05 RM0.855765
2021-04-02 RM721,907,561 RM87,886,570 RM0.866245 RM1.05
2021-04-01 RM722,041,207 RM189,960,811 RM0.868821 RM0.866245
2021-03-31 RM734,004,504 RM479,054,277 RM0.882078 RM0.868821
2021-03-30 RM655,692,332 RM110,750,948 RM0.789007 RM0.882078
2021-03-29 RM611,993,189 RM183,945,620 RM0.736845 RM0.789007
2021-03-28 RM570,639,405 RM86,720,152 RM0.683217 RM0.736845
2021-03-27 RM563,926,825 RM81,511,921 RM0.675201 RM0.683217
2021-03-26 RM538,255,121 RM64,734,950 RM0.628752 RM0.675201
2021-03-25 RM567,609,852 RM123,803,585 RM0.674490 RM0.628752
2021-03-24 RM631,008,987 RM156,417,891 RM0.754942 RM0.674490
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