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metaverse etp  (ETP)
Metaverse ETP (ETP)
$0.391268 6.1%
0.00000694 BTC 4.8%
2,017 people like this
Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.350830 / $0.394340
Circulating Supply
80,190,990 / 100,000,000

Metaverse ETP AED (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-04-20 DH107,942,812 DH4,649,565 DH1.35 N/A
2021-04-19 DH122,772,416 DH5,422,330 DH1.53 DH1.35
2021-04-18 DH134,264,360 DH3,150,160 DH1.66 DH1.53
2021-04-17 DH137,345,900 DH5,561,805 DH1.72 DH1.66
2021-04-16 DH123,104,570 DH2,661,072 DH1.55 DH1.72
2021-04-15 DH118,522,067 DH3,695,783 DH1.48 DH1.55
2021-04-14 DH112,198,730 DH2,120,590 DH1.40 DH1.48
2021-04-13 DH113,154,847 DH2,589,699 DH1.40 DH1.40
2021-04-12 DH112,240,806 DH1,760,725 DH1.40 DH1.40
2021-04-11 DH118,162,110 DH1,867,133 DH1.48 DH1.40
2021-04-10 DH122,196,652 DH1,292,257 DH1.52 DH1.48
2021-04-09 DH119,653,925 DH1,781,393 DH1.50 DH1.52
2021-04-08 DH110,159,231 DH2,257,478 DH1.39 DH1.50
2021-04-07 DH125,256,311 DH4,774,752 DH1.56 DH1.39
2021-04-06 DH128,047,279 DH7,081,259 DH1.60 DH1.56
2021-04-05 DH127,786,102 DH2,372,734 DH1.59 DH1.60
2021-04-04 DH124,736,748 DH3,135,847 DH1.56 DH1.59
2021-04-03 DH134,975,088 DH3,984,195 DH1.69 DH1.56
2021-04-02 DH147,981,612 DH4,491,030 DH1.85 DH1.69
2021-04-01 DH136,553,312 DH5,149,259 DH1.70 DH1.85
2021-03-31 DH122,145,260 DH2,575,699 DH1.53 DH1.70
2021-03-30 DH118,157,117 DH3,066,578 DH1.47 DH1.53
2021-03-29 DH99,735,787 DH2,504,828 DH1.25 DH1.47
2021-03-28 DH104,117,627 DH1,541,487 DH1.30 DH1.25
2021-03-27 DH96,024,675 DH3,444,016 DH1.21 DH1.30
2021-03-26 DH93,198,292 DH4,211,062 DH1.15 DH1.21
2021-03-25 DH95,951,147 DH5,693,003 DH1.18 DH1.15
2021-03-24 DH105,303,456 DH6,712,044 DH1.38 DH1.18
2021-03-23 DH88,304,358 DH4,149,198 DH1.11 DH1.38
2021-03-22 DH75,673,300 DH3,158,890 DH0.946431 DH1.11
2021-03-21 DH76,774,591 DH1,213,770 DH0.960797 DH0.946431
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