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metaverse etp  (ETP)
Metaverse ETP (ETP)
$0.117508 -4.6%
0.00000619 BTC -2.7%
761 people like this
Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.115825 / $0.124233
Circulating Supply
79,415,330 / 100,000,000

Metaverse ETP NZD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2020-12-04 NZ$13,680,999 NZ$150,502 NZ$0.172286 N/A
2020-12-03 NZ$13,974,583 NZ$149,664 NZ$0.175614 NZ$0.172286
2020-12-02 NZ$14,362,418 NZ$249,161 NZ$0.181307 NZ$0.175614
2020-12-01 NZ$14,773,300 NZ$214,273 NZ$0.184552 NZ$0.181307
2020-11-30 NZ$14,397,755 NZ$231,617 NZ$0.185553 NZ$0.184552
2020-11-29 NZ$15,072,938 NZ$215,229 NZ$0.190474 NZ$0.185553
2020-11-28 NZ$14,407,445 NZ$227,835 NZ$0.181631 NZ$0.190474
2020-11-27 NZ$14,086,265 NZ$431,595 NZ$0.178001 NZ$0.181631
2020-11-26 NZ$17,154,627 NZ$316,893 NZ$0.215588 NZ$0.178001
2020-11-25 NZ$17,672,554 NZ$507,921 NZ$0.224959 NZ$0.215588
2020-11-24 NZ$15,873,057 NZ$321,809 NZ$0.200427 NZ$0.224959
2020-11-23 NZ$15,427,451 NZ$288,887 NZ$0.193562 NZ$0.200427
2020-11-22 NZ$14,566,064 NZ$296,878 NZ$0.185335 NZ$0.193562
2020-11-21 NZ$13,911,635 NZ$206,204 NZ$0.175532 NZ$0.185335
2020-11-20 NZ$13,965,979 NZ$200,999 NZ$0.175986 NZ$0.175532
2020-11-19 NZ$14,292,151 NZ$227,364 NZ$0.180421 NZ$0.175986
2020-11-18 NZ$13,961,575 NZ$257,221 NZ$0.174958 NZ$0.180421
2020-11-17 NZ$13,609,425 NZ$235,733 NZ$0.171586 NZ$0.174958
2020-11-16 NZ$14,221,450 NZ$256,279 NZ$0.178909 NZ$0.171586
2020-11-15 NZ$15,070,076 NZ$496,782 NZ$0.190134 NZ$0.178909
2020-11-14 NZ$15,434,786 NZ$295,032 NZ$0.194736 NZ$0.190134
2020-11-13 NZ$15,819,713 NZ$218,522 NZ$0.199475 NZ$0.194736
2020-11-12 NZ$15,401,623 NZ$354,314 NZ$0.194329 NZ$0.199475
2020-11-11 NZ$15,085,668 NZ$227,482 NZ$0.190085 NZ$0.194329
2020-11-10 NZ$15,522,978 NZ$303,533 NZ$0.196109 NZ$0.190085
2020-11-09 NZ$15,675,597 NZ$266,700 NZ$0.197730 NZ$0.196109
2020-11-08 NZ$16,589,215 NZ$281,120 NZ$0.209093 NZ$0.197730
2020-11-07 NZ$16,648,072 NZ$283,464 NZ$0.209882 NZ$0.209093
2020-11-06 NZ$17,887,258 NZ$368,301 NZ$0.225274 NZ$0.209882
2020-11-05 NZ$18,353,603 NZ$266,723 NZ$0.227882 NZ$0.225274
2020-11-04 NZ$17,994,909 NZ$263,715 NZ$0.227914 NZ$0.227882
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