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mytoken  (MT)
MyToken (MT)
$0.000702051001 5.6%
0.00000002 BTC -6.0%
0.00000030 ETH -3.2%
250 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $1,331,464
24 Hour Trading Vol $111,952
Circulating Supply 1,895,712,979
Total Supply 4,000,000,000
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MyToken NZD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-26 NZ$1,842,177 NZ$165,716 NZ$0.00097315 N/A
2021-07-25 NZ$1,754,258 NZ$118,248 NZ$0.00092679 NZ$0.00097315
2021-07-24 NZ$1,810,747 NZ$239,330 NZ$0.00095754 NZ$0.00092679
2021-07-23 NZ$1,743,469 NZ$106,096 NZ$0.00092187 NZ$0.00095754
2021-07-22 NZ$1,931,750 NZ$108,046 NZ$0.00101901 NZ$0.00092187
2021-07-21 NZ$1,832,550 NZ$112,479 NZ$0.00096539 NZ$0.00101901
2021-07-20 NZ$2,057,192 NZ$136,825 NZ$0.00107729 NZ$0.00096539
2021-07-19 NZ$2,167,234 NZ$119,481 NZ$0.00114844 NZ$0.00107729
2021-07-18 NZ$2,213,144 NZ$129,079 NZ$0.00117080 NZ$0.00114844
2021-07-17 NZ$2,319,557 NZ$121,114 NZ$0.00122026 NZ$0.00117080
2021-07-16 NZ$2,227,944 NZ$156,294 NZ$0.00118049 NZ$0.00122026
2021-07-15 NZ$2,322,756 NZ$456,031 NZ$0.00122538 NZ$0.00118049
2021-07-14 NZ$2,172,452 NZ$139,687 NZ$0.00115010 NZ$0.00122538
2021-07-13 NZ$2,134,058 NZ$537,969 NZ$0.00114698 NZ$0.00115010
2021-07-12 NZ$2,204,504 NZ$553,386 NZ$0.00118770 NZ$0.00114698
2021-07-11 NZ$2,192,042 NZ$507,769 NZ$0.00106590 NZ$0.00118770
2021-07-10 NZ$2,267,641 NZ$563,708 NZ$0.00124489 NZ$0.00106590
2021-07-09 NZ$2,158,930 NZ$522,143 NZ$0.00109430 NZ$0.00124489
2021-07-08 NZ$2,212,134 NZ$640,241 NZ$0.00114688 NZ$0.00109430
2021-07-07 NZ$2,178,999 NZ$562,750 NZ$0.00112696 NZ$0.00114688
2021-07-06 NZ$2,023,540 NZ$547,759 NZ$0.00106390 NZ$0.00112696
2021-07-05 NZ$2,034,348 NZ$273,166 NZ$0.00107505 NZ$0.00106390
2021-07-04 NZ$2,027,900 NZ$114,882 NZ$0.00107038 NZ$0.00107505
2021-07-03 NZ$1,992,643 NZ$115,582 NZ$0.00105216 NZ$0.00107038
2021-07-02 NZ$2,066,126 NZ$146,905 NZ$0.00108637 NZ$0.00105216
2021-07-01 NZ$2,447,964 NZ$520,328 NZ$0.00129104 NZ$0.00108637
2021-06-30 NZ$2,379,774 NZ$518,128 NZ$0.00125371 NZ$0.00129104
2021-06-29 NZ$2,281,160 NZ$493,823 NZ$0.00120352 NZ$0.00125371
2021-06-28 NZ$2,156,789 NZ$646,697 NZ$0.00114126 NZ$0.00120352
2021-06-27 NZ$2,022,918 NZ$612,494 NZ$0.00106845 NZ$0.00114126
2021-06-26 NZ$1,966,991 NZ$489,871 NZ$0.00103808 NZ$0.00106845
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