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mytoken  (MT)
MyToken (MT)
$0.000680424585 2.0%
0.00000002 BTC -4.2%
0.00000031 ETH -5.6%
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24H Range
Market Cap $1,289,895
24 Hour Trading Vol $93,965
Circulating Supply 1,895,712,979
Total Supply 4,000,000,000
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MyToken SEK (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-24 kr10,970,190 kr1,449,951 kr0.00580113 N/A
2021-07-23 kr10,568,008 kr643,083 kr0.00558777 kr0.00580113
2021-07-22 kr11,690,015 kr653,806 kr0.00616621 kr0.00558777
2021-07-21 kr11,028,830 kr677,210 kr0.00581240 kr0.00616621
2021-07-20 kr12,402,804 kr824,922 kr0.00649500 kr0.00581240
2021-07-19 kr13,156,822 kr725,237 kr0.00697090 kr0.00649500
2021-07-18 kr13,447,955 kr784,335 kr0.00711426 kr0.00697090
2021-07-17 kr14,095,580 kr735,990 kr0.00741533 kr0.00711426
2021-07-16 kr13,535,463 kr949,537 kr0.00717187 kr0.00741533
2021-07-15 kr14,094,911 kr2,767,221 kr0.00743566 kr0.00717187
2021-07-14 kr13,058,939 kr839,545 kr0.00691234 kr0.00743566
2021-07-13 kr12,800,393 kr3,227,078 kr0.00688033 kr0.00691234
2021-07-12 kr13,262,357 kr3,328,106 kr0.00714291 kr0.00688033
2021-07-11 kr13,266,745 kr3,073,135 kr0.00645105 kr0.00714291
2021-07-10 kr13,595,736 kr3,379,737 kr0.00746378 kr0.00645105
2021-07-09 kr12,893,141 kr3,119,234 kr0.00653722 kr0.00746378
2021-07-08 kr13,379,835 kr3,872,503 kr0.00693691 kr0.00653722
2021-07-07 kr13,153,012 kr3,394,234 kr0.00679727 kr0.00693691
2021-07-06 kr12,206,501 kr3,304,748 kr0.00641875 kr0.00679727
2021-07-05 kr12,218,251 kr1,640,684 kr0.00645694 kr0.00641875
2021-07-04 kr12,184,763 kr690,278 kr0.00643143 kr0.00645694
2021-07-03 kr11,950,230 kr693,166 kr0.00631001 kr0.00643143
2021-07-02 kr12,352,649 kr878,252 kr0.00649475 kr0.00631001
2021-07-01 kr14,641,242 kr3,112,504 kr0.00772274 kr0.00649475
2021-06-30 kr14,181,101 kr3,087,054 kr0.00746970 kr0.00772274
2021-06-29 kr13,678,083 kr2,961,409 kr0.00721737 kr0.00746970
2021-06-28 kr12,942,303 kr3,880,803 kr0.00684866 kr0.00721737
2021-06-27 kr12,140,680 kr3,675,926 kr0.00641236 kr0.00684866
2021-06-26 kr11,805,030 kr2,939,996 kr0.00623009 kr0.00641236
2021-06-25 kr15,913,177 kr3,512,450 kr0.00856378 kr0.00623009
2021-06-24 kr16,458,354 kr3,579,589 kr0.00868794 kr0.00856378
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