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mytoken  (MT)
MyToken (MT)
$0.000700233986 4.8%
0.00000002 BTC -6.4%
0.00000030 ETH -4.0%
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24H Range
Market Cap $1,327,443
24 Hour Trading Vol $110,690
Circulating Supply 1,895,712,979
Total Supply 4,000,000,000
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MyToken SGD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-26 S$1,750,222 S$157,445 S$0.00092457 N/A
2021-07-25 S$1,665,501 S$112,266 S$0.00087989 S$0.00092457
2021-07-24 S$1,717,321 S$226,982 S$0.00090813 S$0.00087989
2021-07-23 S$1,654,947 S$100,700 S$0.00087499 S$0.00090813
2021-07-22 S$1,834,466 S$102,597 S$0.00096762 S$0.00087499
2021-07-21 S$1,732,348 S$106,375 S$0.00091300 S$0.00096762
2021-07-20 S$1,945,808 S$129,396 S$0.00101880 S$0.00091300
2021-07-19 S$2,056,854 S$113,382 S$0.00108981 S$0.00101880
2021-07-18 S$2,102,664 S$122,635 S$0.00111236 S$0.00108981
2021-07-17 S$2,202,982 S$115,027 S$0.00115893 S$0.00111236
2021-07-16 S$2,115,427 S$148,401 S$0.00112088 S$0.00115893
2021-07-15 S$2,212,407 S$434,419 S$0.00116730 S$0.00112088
2021-07-14 S$2,045,708 S$131,524 S$0.00108290 S$0.00116730
2021-07-13 S$2,015,474 S$508,170 S$0.00108345 S$0.00108290
2021-07-12 S$2,087,252 S$523,711 S$0.00112401 S$0.00108345
2021-07-11 S$2,072,646 S$480,112 S$0.00100784 S$0.00112401
2021-07-10 S$2,143,966 S$532,964 S$0.00117699 S$0.00100784
2021-07-09 S$2,028,525 S$490,750 S$0.00102850 S$0.00117699
2021-07-08 S$2,093,025 S$605,704 S$0.00108501 S$0.00102850
2021-07-07 S$2,060,889 S$531,758 S$0.00106489 S$0.00108501
2021-07-06 S$1,919,431 S$519,777 S$0.00100955 S$0.00106489
2021-07-05 S$1,925,815 S$258,576 S$0.00101763 S$0.00100955
2021-07-04 S$1,921,440 S$108,851 S$0.00101419 S$0.00101763
2021-07-03 S$1,885,364 S$109,359 S$0.00099552 S$0.00101419
2021-07-02 S$1,942,674 S$138,086 S$0.00102116 S$0.00099552
2021-07-01 S$2,303,287 S$489,644 S$0.00121490 S$0.00102116
2021-06-30 S$2,237,403 S$487,156 S$0.00117877 S$0.00121490
2021-06-29 S$2,157,600 S$467,272 S$0.00113881 S$0.00117877
2021-06-28 S$2,046,575 S$613,702 S$0.00108303 S$0.00113881
2021-06-27 S$1,919,380 S$581,145 S$0.00101376 S$0.00108303
2021-06-26 S$1,866,315 S$464,798 S$0.00098495 S$0.00101376
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