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Nautiluscoin (Overview)


NautilusCoin is claimed to be the next generation of cryptocurrency with the aim of increasing the speed of transaction validation and reducing its volatility as compared to the Bitcoin.

NautilusCoin has an average time of 60 seconds for each block to solved. DigiShield is used to safeguard the network agains profit multi pool miners.

The one unique feature that stands out for NautilusCoin is the Nautiluscoin Stabilization Fund (NSF). The NSF is built in to the coin in order to prevent the NautilusCoin from becoming to volatile in terms of its price. The NSF is achieved with a 1% pre mine of the coin, where the proceeds from sales of those coins will be allocated to place buy orders for NautilusCoin. It is hopeful that this would ensure the currency's stable growth pattern and provide a steady price appreciation.

The founder of NautilusCoin is Brian Kelly (@BrianKellyBK) according to the Bitcointalk Forum Thread.

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NautilusCoin Specifications :-
- Scrypt
- 159.39 coins per block
- 1 minute block target
- 16,180,000 total coins
- 1% reduction every week
- DigiShield difficulty retargeting
- 1% premine

Genesis Date May 01, 2014 (almost 4 years)
Hashing Algorithm


Block Time

1.0 Minute

Available/Total Supply

- / 16.2 Million