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NavCoin (Beam Updates)

20/02/2019 Weekly update
-4.5.2 Hard Fork success
-NavCoin & ZeroCT AMA on Argenpool
-NavCoin Core Pull Request Reviews and Testing
-NavCoin Core Community Fund Interface, NavDroid StakeBox, NavCoin NEXT Lite Wallet
-NavPay Cold Staking Testing

13/02/2029 Weekly update:
- NavCoin Core 4.5.2 Hard Fork
- ZeroCT AMA and Explainer Articles
-NavCoin Core CFund Interface Progress
-NavDroid StakeBox Progress
-NEXT Lite Wallet Progress

This week in NAV news: ZeroCT Pull Request Opened, ZeroCT AMA Scheduled, NavHub 2.0 Launched, NavCoin Core Mailing List, Staking Rewards Calculator, NavCoin Core CFund Interface,
NEXT Implementing Lite Wallet, and more

As the NavCoin Core Devs work towards releasing the next version of NavCoin Core, there’s been a lot of activity throughout the NavCoin community. NavCoin has been added to the Bidali Gift Card platform, the NavShopper framework is nearing completion, a Cold Staking best practices video has been published and more.

Nav News of the week: ZeroCT White Paper, “Fake Stake” Vulnerabilities Resolved, NavCoin Core 4.5.2, NavHub re-design and more...

Nav Coin's dev team just made publicly available a research paper describing a proposal for a new privacy method for transactions.

NavCoin is hard forking at block 2722100 to mitigate an issue with the Community Fund expired proposal states. It is mandatory to update to NavCoin Core 4.5.1 before Friday 21 December at 00:00AM GMT to avoid network disruption.

Last week Core developers began testing new features that are planned to be included the upcoming NavCoin Core 4.5.0 update — the soft forks for cold staking and static rewards.

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