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Obyte (Beam Updates)

For around 9 months Obyte developers have been working on the first major upgrade to the protocol since the platform launched December 2016. The day to reveal the upgrade has arrived. Introducing Autonomous Agents on testnet environment

New witness monitoring service. You can now easily monitor which witnesses have which witnesses in their witness list. Fortunately, it’s easier to monitor than say this tongue twister. + Autonomous Agents contest update

Read all about the 8 entries from the fourth round of Obyte Atonomous Agents Developer Contest ( Reminder - we are giving away big prizes to developers that build an AA on testnet, details of how to enter )

Mobile-only instant messaging app + Freebe is now (the latest Obyte email newsletter)

A high-level explainer video has been added to - how physical banknote properties are simulated by Blackbytes

Monitor our progress towards decentralization with the new Obyte witnesses monitoring service. See which witnesses (columns) have which witnesses (rows) in their witness list (try saying that fast!) Updated every 10 minutes

Please let the developers know what you think of the mock-ups for the new Obyte chat app! You can see the screenshots and leave comments on the new #obbychat channel on Obyte Discord

Winners of the second round of the Obyte Autonomous Agents Developer Contest revealed! Reminder - we are running a developer contest until October - prizes every 2 weeks and entry is straightforward, 16 code templates to help you get started -

Freebe, the p2p Blackbytes exchange has been rebranded to Expect the same great service with a much better name! Reminder - Blackbytes are the privacy coin of the Obyte platform, the native Bytes currency is not private by design

As a new initiative in opening up and involving the Obyte community, we are introducing a bi-weekly radio show. First show airs Thursday August 15th from 20.00 to 21.00 UTC. Please add the time and date to your calendar and join us!

Winner announcement for the first round of the Autonomous Agents Developer Contest! 5 developers managed to submit 6 entries and equally important, 2 new tutorials were created

What’s next for Obyte: Contracts with Arbiter. A contract with arbiter is a combination of a prosaic contract and a smart contract that actually locks funds to guarantee payment. Should a dispute arise, a third-party arbiter is there to resolve it. The entire functionality will be integrated directly in the Obyte wallets.

At Obyte we are changing the way we communicate our development and other activities - here is what is coming next

The Oscript editor has improved quite a bit during the past week. What’s keeping you from entering the contest? Roughly $7,000 worth of prize money is up for grabs in week 1

More print media coverage in the UK on how the Obyte powered PolloPollo project is doing social good! This time it is business-focused City AM (opens PDF) 2 minute PolloPollo explainer video

One of the most prominent UK newspapers published a story today on how the Obyte powered PolloPollo project is doing social good! ( 2 minute PolloPollo explainer video )

Life Pay launched + another step closer to decentralization

New hires, new wallet and event video - smart contracts; Ethereum vs Obyte

Another Obyte first: new methods of identity verification

Most popular Dapp chooses Obyte to issue their new in-game token

Byteduino releases and more Obyte updates