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okcash  (OK)
OKCash (OK)
$0.035619517066 -7.8%
0.00000090 BTC -3.5%
1,727 people like this
Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.030599027549 / $0.039413582790
Circulating Supply
81,558,668 / 105,000,000

OKCash DKK (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-06-16 kr.19,700,023 kr.51,073 kr.0.241590 N/A
2021-06-15 kr.18,836,308 kr.17,579.59 kr.0.231052 kr.0.241590
2021-06-14 kr.19,379,555 kr.42,218 kr.0.238780 kr.0.231052
2021-06-13 kr.17,446,076 kr.104,737 kr.0.214105 kr.0.238780
2021-06-12 kr.18,821,191 kr.64,093 kr.0.231038 kr.0.214105
2021-06-11 kr.18,600,276 kr.374,658 kr.0.234705 kr.0.231038
2021-06-10 kr.17,847,462 kr.21,198 kr.0.220129 kr.0.234705
2021-06-09 kr.15,469,888 kr.44,161 kr.0.190243 kr.0.220129
2021-06-08 kr.16,645,398 kr.18,053.39 kr.0.199983 kr.0.190243
2021-06-07 kr.17,110,964 kr.39,597 kr.0.210308 kr.0.199983
2021-06-06 kr.16,871,154 kr.70,057 kr.0.207417 kr.0.210308
2021-06-05 kr.19,010,381 kr.72,224 kr.0.233772 kr.0.207417
2021-06-04 kr.19,153,519 kr.22,668 kr.0.237132 kr.0.233772
2021-06-03 kr.17,911,494 kr.89,802 kr.0.220265 kr.0.237132
2021-06-02 kr.17,413,392 kr.69,721 kr.0.214304 kr.0.220265
2021-06-01 kr.16,697,166 kr.23,672 kr.0.205540 kr.0.214304
2021-05-31 kr.15,578,890 kr.80,451 kr.0.187125 kr.0.205540
2021-05-30 kr.15,915,955 kr.26,107 kr.0.195724 kr.0.187125
2021-05-29 kr.16,818,116 kr.25,222 kr.0.208361 kr.0.195724
2021-05-28 kr.18,494,735 kr.53,036 kr.0.227982 kr.0.208361
2021-05-27 kr.17,849,211 kr.94,041 kr.0.220412 kr.0.227982
2021-05-26 kr.18,625,232 kr.85,042 kr.0.229789 kr.0.220412
2021-05-25 kr.17,726,658 kr.48,558 kr.0.218743 kr.0.229789
2021-05-24 kr.15,303,675 kr.64,506 kr.0.189091 kr.0.218743
2021-05-23 kr.19,136,689 kr.31,111 kr.0.236045 kr.0.189091
2021-05-22 kr.18,134,406 kr.103,343 kr.0.229078 kr.0.236045
2021-05-21 kr.21,154,430 kr.76,452 kr.0.261046 kr.0.229078
2021-05-20 kr.20,012,701 kr.74,374 kr.0.247006 kr.0.261046
2021-05-19 kr.23,950,026 kr.80,933 kr.0.296955 kr.0.247006
2021-05-18 kr.24,189,719 kr.98,732 kr.0.298689 kr.0.296955
2021-05-17 kr.26,958,817 kr.77,184 kr.0.332956 kr.0.298689
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