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oneroot network  (RNT)
OneRoot Network (RNT)
$0.01762666 -17.3%
0.00000033 BTC -13.6%
0.00000698 ETH -20.0%
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Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.01740773 / $0.02181860
Circulating Supply
284,073,826 / 400,000,000

OneRoot Network HUF (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-04-22 Ft1,740,917,974 Ft164,293,048 Ft6.13 N/A
2021-04-21 Ft2,020,344,873 Ft3,094,096,404 Ft6.96 Ft6.13
2021-04-20 Ft1,622,108,681 Ft8,028,616,111 Ft9.24 Ft6.96
2021-04-19 Ft1,428,376,937 Ft604,607,087 Ft5.03 Ft9.24
2021-04-18 Ft1,420,583,796 Ft448,112,578 Ft5.05 Ft5.03
2021-04-17 Ft1,659,942,510 Ft2,772,726,570 Ft5.91 Ft5.05
2021-04-16 Ft1,232,031,842 Ft103,176,637 Ft4.34 Ft5.91
2021-04-15 Ft1,214,446,830 Ft227,360,795 Ft4.27 Ft4.34
2021-04-14 Ft1,345,425,515 Ft658,489,621 Ft4.78 Ft4.27
2021-04-13 Ft1,420,083,911 Ft1,487,156,479 Ft5.04 Ft4.78
2021-04-12 Ft1,329,058,060 Ft173,193,983 Ft4.71 Ft5.04
2021-04-11 Ft1,311,561,448 Ft187,127,508 Ft4.62 Ft4.71
2021-04-10 Ft1,387,237,043 Ft260,956,338 Ft4.83 Ft4.62
2021-04-09 Ft1,396,335,662 Ft707,939,857 Ft4.89 Ft4.83
2021-04-08 Ft1,220,802,784 Ft350,357,005 Ft4.30 Ft4.89
2021-04-07 Ft1,394,909,799 Ft472,647,512 Ft4.95 Ft4.30
2021-04-06 Ft1,436,251,771 Ft1,181,060,081 Ft5.03 Ft4.95
2021-04-05 Ft1,046,639,034 Ft94,111,525 Ft3.70 Ft5.03
2021-04-04 Ft929,358,846 Ft82,830,598 Ft3.24 Ft3.70
2021-04-03 Ft989,851,188 Ft93,582,218 Ft3.49 Ft3.24
2021-04-02 Ft1,265,740,017 Ft715,438,819 Ft4.43 Ft3.49
2021-04-01 Ft1,104,066,770 Ft211,811,745 Ft3.88 Ft4.43
2021-03-31 Ft1,011,030,246 Ft135,630,003 Ft3.59 Ft3.88
2021-03-30 Ft1,014,335,693 Ft285,554,411 Ft3.58 Ft3.59
2021-03-29 Ft974,024,753 Ft116,321,380 Ft3.43 Ft3.58
2021-03-28 Ft964,529,842 Ft112,513,540 Ft3.40 Ft3.43
2021-03-27 Ft963,275,581 Ft92,567,381 Ft3.38 Ft3.40
2021-03-26 Ft924,290,818 Ft110,847,851 Ft3.25 Ft3.38
2021-03-25 Ft1,027,005,142 Ft133,870,448 Ft3.61 Ft3.25
2021-03-24 Ft1,026,545,523 Ft134,222,132 Ft3.61 Ft3.61
2021-03-23 Ft1,029,324,479 Ft276,299,857 Ft3.60 Ft3.61
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