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Particl (Beam Updates)

Private Cold Staking Script Released

Stake anonymously on Particl!

Particl's Private Cold Staking script has just been released on Github. It allows you to automatically anonymize your staking rewards and receive them on public, blind (CT), or anon (RingCT) balances.

Start safely and anonymously staking on the Particl network by following the link below.


Particl Listed on the BISQ Decentralized Exchange

Earlier this week, Particl was added to the BISQ decentralized exchange. You can now buy and sell Particl in a decentralized fashion without any geographical restriction or KYC requirements.

To know how to get started buying and selling PART on BISQ, follow the link below which contains a step-by-step guide.


New Marketplace Features Now on Testnet

Particl Desktop 2.1.0 has just been released on testnet, bringing several UI/UX improvements and issue fixes. More importantly, this release introduces two new marketplace features: Product Imports and Q&A.

You can get all of the details by following the link below.


New Marketplace "Q&A" Feature Now Ready for Testing

A new marketplace feature, Questions and Answers, is now ready for testing and will be included in the next testnet release of the Open Marketplace.

It allows anyone to ask questions about products before purchasing them and get answered directly by the seller or anyone else.

Thanks to your feedback, we've added new categories to the Open Marketplace to facilitate the trading of cards and collectibles.

Is there a category you think is missing from the marketplace? Now's the time to let it be heard! Join the Particl community on Discord and let us know what category you would like to see added on Particl.

Screenshot 👉
Join us on Discord 👉

Open Marketplace Development Update

The Particl team is in the final stage of testing two new Open Marketplace features: Product Imports and Questions and Answers.

These two features will be included in the next Particl Desktop testnet build which should be available in a couple of days. The current target to release the testnet build is mid to end of this week.


Did you know you can very easily anonymize your IP address by connecting your Particl Desktop client and the Open Marketplace through the Tor network?

While it cannot be done directly from Particl Desktop itself, the setup process will only take you a few minutes and is easy enough so that anyone can do it.

Click the link below and follow the step-by-step tutorial.


Particl Desktop 2.0.2 Released

Particl Desktop 2.0.2 was released earlier today.

It fixes issues reported since the release of the Open Marketplace as well as various improvements to the marketplace code and its user interface.

Follow the link below for all the details and installation instructions 📝


Particl in Singapore - Invest: Asia 🇸🇬

Particl is going to the TechXLR8 Asia Week in Singapore from the 8th of September to the 14th 📆

Check out the latest blog post to know what makes Particl's presence in Singapore so interesting and what events the team is going to attend.


New Marketplace Development Update

It's now been 3 weeks since the mainnet launch of Particl's Open Marketplace and it has been growing in usage nicely. But...what's next? Adoption!

Get all the latest info in this new marketplace development update and roadmap and see how the Particl team will be eliminating the current barriers to entry to make Particl prime for mainstream adoption.


Private Digital Purchases on the Open Marketplace

Did you know that the Open Marketplace can already be used to buy and sell digital items? 👤

Walk through the complete process of buying and selling digital items by checking out how Paul Schmitzer (@LiteBit) purchased a wallpaper without leaving a trace, thanks to a combination of the Particl, Tor, and OnionShare technologies! 🛒


Particl AMA/FAQ on the 5th of September, 2019

There's an AMA/FAQ coming up with Paul Schmitzer, Particl's Head of Marketing Strategy, tomorrow on Particl's Youtube page.

Paul will be giving a project update and give more information about what's coming up for Particl.

You can ask any question you've got by leaving a comment on the dedicated AMA thread on Reddit.


Adjusting the Open Marketplace's Listing Fees

Do you believe the listing fees on Particl's Open Marketplace should be lower? Well, it's now up to you to make it happen!

A new tutorial has just been posted on It walks you through the exact process of broadcasting your listing fee preference to the network and directly contribute in adjusting it. This is what decentralization truly means! #CommunityPower 💪


Particl Roadmap Updated

Here's what to look out for in the next few weeks! The Particl roadmap has been updated to reflect what the team is going to be working on in the short-term.

- Trezor wallet integration
- Market: Q&A, Product Reviews
- Market: Market Management
- Market: Inventory Management
- Market: Listing Imports

To get all the details about each item, follow the link below.


Particl in London - Presentation at the 2019 IMTC EMEA Remittance Conference

Community member Dr. Kapil Amarasinghe was invited to present Particl at the 2019 IMTC EMEA conference in front of a panel of experts within the remittance industry

Here are his thoughts on the opportunities surrounding Particl and the remittance industry ✅


Particl Open Marketplace Now LIVE on MAINNET!

After years of research, development, fine-tuning, refactoring, and community-testing, the Open Marketplace is now LIVE on MAINNET and ready to be used with real funds!

Click the link below to get all of the details and partake in the biggest eCommerce disruption to ever see the day.

Buckle up, because this is only the beginning!


Ahead of the Particl Open Marketplace's mainnet release on Monday the 12th of August, it is important that you update your Particl Core nodes (i.e. cold staking nodes, Particl-Qt) to version

This will help speed up the marketplace and increase its performance.


Particl Foundation's Q2 Financial Report Released

Earlier this week, the Particl Foundation has published its Q2 financial report on their website.

Follow the link below to check it out!


Open Marketplace Page Available on

The Particl Open Marketplace page is now available on!

Want to show your friends what the Open Marketplace is all about and get them a quick and easy-to-understand breakdown? Then click the link below and share it far and beyond!


Messari's AMA With Paul Schmitzer (Full Transcript)

On the 1st of August, hosted a public AMA with Particl's Head of Communications, Paul Schmitzer, on their Telegram community channel

If you've missed it and want to check it out, then lucky you, because the full transcript was published on their website.


Particl Open Marketplace - What to Expect On Day 1

There's only 5 days left before Particl's Open Marketplace launches live on mainnet!

What can you expect from this disruptive decentralized and privacy-focused marketplace on Day 1? What are going to be the included features? How does it work?

Follow the link below to learn everything you need to know!


The Particl Open Marketplace is an entirely decentralized and private-by-default marketplace, meaning no party or staff has any special access or permission over the network. This, however, introduces a bit of an issue when it comes to the content being put on there.

Click the link below to know exactly how Particl ensures its Open Marketplace stays free of undesirable listings.


Market Key Voting Process Initiated

The submission period for Market Keys is now over, and now is the time for you to vote!

To cast your vote, write your choice in the comment section of either Twitter or Particl's community forum. Read the blog post below to get all the information you need to know in order to cast your vote.


Particl Project Update

Particl has just initiated its initiated its last round of testing before the first version of the Particl Open Marketplace Dapp moves up onto mainnet.

But what does it mean for the next few days?

Click the link below to know exactly how the next few days leading up to the 12th of August mainnet launch will unfold!


Particl Open Marketplace Bug Bounty (Testnet)

Particl has just opened a testnet bug bounty rewarding users for finding bugs during its last testing round before its Open Marketplace Dapp moves up onto mainnet on the 12th of August.

Click the link below to learn how you can earn coins just for finding and reporting bugs to the Particl team.