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pool of stake  (PSK)
Pool of Stake (PSK)
$0.00289726 -52.5%
0.00000015 BTC -51.7%
0.00000490 ETH -52.0%
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Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.00277098 / $0.00688389
Circulating Supply
? / 68,072,143

Pool of Stake CAD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2020-12-01 CA$0.00000000 CA$106,364 CA$0.00855795 N/A
2020-11-30 CA$0.00000000 CA$96,130 CA$0.00802564 CA$0.00855795
2020-11-29 CA$0.00000000 CA$91,754 CA$0.00776165 CA$0.00802564
2020-11-28 CA$0.00000000 CA$90,016 CA$0.00764729 CA$0.00776165
2020-11-27 CA$0.00000000 CA$90,462 CA$0.00775211 CA$0.00764729
2020-11-26 CA$0.00000000 CA$65,268 CA$0.00848615 CA$0.00775211
2020-11-25 CA$0.00000000 CA$35,121 CA$0.00922598 CA$0.00848615
2020-11-24 CA$0.00000000 CA$21,493 CA$0.00953325 CA$0.00922598
2020-11-23 CA$0.00000000 CA$5.01 CA$0.00864319 CA$0.00953325
2020-11-22 CA$0.00000000 CA$1,858.38 CA$0.00860134 CA$0.00864319
2020-11-21 CA$0.00000000 CA$36,869 CA$0.01196587 CA$0.00860134
2020-11-20 CA$0.00000000 CA$83,515 CA$0.01381649 CA$0.01196587
2020-11-19 CA$0.00000000 CA$76,241 CA$0.01454929 CA$0.01381649
2020-11-18 CA$0.00000000 CA$56,400 CA$0.01265605 CA$0.01454929
2020-11-17 CA$0.00000000 CA$8,367.32 CA$0.01505079 CA$0.01265605
2020-11-16 CA$0.00000000 CA$10.08 CA$0.01440401 CA$0.01505079
2020-11-15 CA$0.00000000 CA$44,420 CA$0.01504674 CA$0.01440401
2020-11-14 CA$0.00000000 CA$55,237 CA$0.01561197 CA$0.01504674
2020-11-13 CA$0.00000000 CA$51,608 CA$0.01513347 CA$0.01561197
2020-11-12 CA$0.00000000 CA$26,920 CA$0.01522449 CA$0.01513347
2020-11-11 CA$0.00000000 CA$6,370.49 CA$0.01215398 CA$0.01522449
2020-11-10 CA$0.00000000 CA$3,940.83 CA$0.00924788 CA$0.01215398
2020-11-09 CA$0.00000000 CA$3,613.94 CA$0.01007427 CA$0.00924788
2020-11-08 CA$0.00000000 CA$3,082.53 CA$0.01231949 CA$0.01007427
2020-11-07 CA$0.00000000 CA$1,223.04 CA$0.01628258 CA$0.01231949
2020-11-06 CA$0.00000000 CA$7,226.07 CA$0.01499300 CA$0.01628258
2020-11-05 CA$0.00000000 CA$6,722.52 CA$0.01467606 CA$0.01499300
2020-11-04 CA$0.00000000 CA$3,269.63 CA$0.01595314 CA$0.01467606
2020-11-03 CA$0.00000000 CA$2,581.80 CA$0.00865847 CA$0.01595314
2020-11-02 CA$0.00000000 CA$3,318.38 CA$0.01537597 CA$0.00865847
2020-11-01 CA$0.00000000 CA$3,604.46 CA$0.00669438 CA$0.01537597
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