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project pai  (PAI)
Project Pai (PAI)
$0.00995991 8.7%
0.00000053 BTC 9.9%
129 people like this
Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.00898743 / $0.00996204
Circulating Supply
? / ?

Project Pai XDR (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2020-11-25 XDR0.00000000 XDR345,529 XDR0.00660070 N/A
2020-11-24 XDR0.00000000 XDR251,339 XDR0.00612679 XDR0.00660070
2020-11-23 XDR0.00000000 XDR432,055 XDR0.00599847 XDR0.00612679
2020-11-22 XDR0.00000000 XDR419,652 XDR0.00617140 XDR0.00599847
2020-11-21 XDR0.00000000 XDR168,277 XDR0.00536976 XDR0.00617140
2020-11-20 XDR0.00000000 XDR155,530 XDR0.00525898 XDR0.00536976
2020-11-19 XDR0.00000000 XDR154,222 XDR0.00521138 XDR0.00525898
2020-11-18 XDR0.00000000 XDR185,545 XDR0.00531151 XDR0.00521138
2020-11-17 XDR0.00000000 XDR169,273 XDR0.00549466 XDR0.00531151
2020-11-16 XDR0.00000000 XDR110,122 XDR0.00496880 XDR0.00549466
2020-11-15 XDR0.00000000 XDR106,177 XDR0.00506742 XDR0.00496880
2020-11-14 XDR0.00000000 XDR140,471 XDR0.00534282 XDR0.00506742
2020-11-13 XDR0.00000000 XDR92,354 XDR0.00544993 XDR0.00534282
2020-11-12 XDR0.00000000 XDR150,430 XDR0.00547826 XDR0.00544993
2020-11-11 XDR0.00000000 XDR117,327 XDR0.00572950 XDR0.00547826
2020-11-10 XDR0.00000000 XDR132,844 XDR0.00554676 XDR0.00572950
2020-11-09 XDR0.00000000 XDR114,759 XDR0.00562429 XDR0.00554676
2020-11-08 XDR0.00000000 XDR171,875 XDR0.00531574 XDR0.00562429
2020-11-07 XDR0.00000000 XDR157,120 XDR0.00557136 XDR0.00531574
2020-11-06 XDR0.00000000 XDR147,166 XDR0.00505903 XDR0.00557136
2020-11-05 XDR0.00000000 XDR128,906 XDR0.00488365 XDR0.00505903
2020-11-04 XDR0.00000000 XDR144,027 XDR0.00504373 XDR0.00488365
2020-11-03 XDR0.00000000 XDR218,451 XDR0.00500300 XDR0.00504373
2020-11-02 XDR0.00000000 XDR91,743 XDR0.00578280 XDR0.00500300
2020-11-01 XDR0.00000000 XDR119,460 XDR0.00593645 XDR0.00578280
2020-10-31 XDR0.00000000 XDR219,189 XDR0.00594397 XDR0.00593645
2020-10-30 XDR0.00000000 XDR120,082 XDR0.00647552 XDR0.00594397
2020-10-29 XDR0.00000000 XDR224,597 XDR0.00646515 XDR0.00647552
2020-10-28 XDR0.00000000 XDR238,307 XDR0.00668848 XDR0.00646515
2020-10-27 XDR0.00000000 XDR329,653 XDR0.00701349 XDR0.00668848
2020-10-26 XDR0.00000000 XDR539,509 XDR0.00806108 XDR0.00701349
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