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Qtum (Beam Updates)

View the Qtum Development Updates for September 2nd through the 8th. We are building, enhancing, and testing new and existing features to better the blockchain ecosystem for everyone.

Development Updates for August 26 - Sept 1

- Hard fork testing underway
- x86 implementation of UniversalAddress
- Android wallet internal beta testing

Development Updates (August 19 - 25) 🔥🔥🔥

- preparing for the first hardfork upgrade ⬆️
- continued work on the VM for Qtum 💻
- Unita launched on Google Cloud ☁️

Last Week’s Development Updates are in, and they’re impressive! Merges & Commits made to:

- Upgrade Qtum core to bitcoin core 0.18.0 ☝️
- Staker optimizations - improved UTXO aggregation ⛏️
Added testnet launcher for Linux 💻
- And more…

Qtum Mainnet Ignition v0.18.0 - Upgrade to bitcoin core 0.18.0 - Staker improvements - Bug fixes

Thinking About Blockchain Privacy: Confidential Assets on the Blockchain

Just keep building 🛠️here are last week's development updates!

- Electrum v0.18.15 released
- new iOS wallet prototype in progress
- Android beta release for internal testing

We are gearing up for one of our most substantial updates ⚙️

Check out what we've been up to over the past week, here are a few of the highlights:

- Testing QIP-5, 6, 7, 9
- Merging bitcoin core 0.18 to qtumcore 0.18
- Merging 0.18 to hard-fork branch

Take a second to enjoy the #Qtum Weekly Updates. We are building!

- Updated the difficulty adjustment algorithm in QIP-9 ⛏️
- Continued work on qx86-rs, the new x86 VM for Qtum 💭
- Implemented x86 opcodes and infrastructure for instruction execution 🖥️
- Working on the feerate in C-lightning ⚡

Here are a few highlights from last week’s #development report:

- Working on C-lighting Support ⚡
- Working on new Android & iOS versions 📱
- Updated Explorer API documentation 🔍

All these incremental improvements are adding up, check out this week’s development update:

- v0.18 merge to HF branch - in progress
- testnet w/ HF code - running three weeks steady
- continuing work on the new PC wallet

Pull Request #719 - Port #Qtum to #Bitcoin core 0.18
- 2,016 commits & counting

Atomic Swaps: Qtum 🔁Beam

Want to swap?

#mimblewimble #blockchain #privacy 🧙⚛️

We keep building at Qtum! Here are just a few of our highlights from last week:

- QIP-22: Qtum - Beam Atomic Swap (WIP)
- Testnet with hard fork code running well
- Working on Unita cloud platform launch

See what else we were up to:

Tutorial for Qtum Eclair — A Lightning Network Client

--- Lightning strikes Qtum ⚡

This past week in Qtum Development:

- Finished a round of testing for QIP-5, QIP-6, QIP-9;
- Finished the prototype design for the new PC wallet;
- Completed the eclair lightning code implementation and unit test ⚡

Get the full scoop 🍨

The Qtum & Beam Privacy Hackathon has started!

We will be holding our first webinar explaining the challenges for interested participants today, June 26, at 14:00 GMT / 10:00 AM EST / 7:00 AM PST

Join the Webinar:

Join the Hackathon:

Qtum v0.17.6 - Mandatory Update

- Support for bitcore RPC calls
- Spam filter ban list
- Enable spam filter
- Support for hardened checkpoints
- Fix seen stake bug
- Fix linearize python script
- and more...

Qtum Weekly Development Updates
- Updated the lightning network demo code of qtum-eclair;
- Electrum Wallet v0.18.14 released;
- Qtum Privacy Hackathon (starting soon):

Read more:

Qtum Weekly Development Updates
- Testing QIP 5, 6, 7, & 9
- Merging code to Qtum v0.18
- Added QIP-19: Confidential Assets

Read more:

Development Updates May 27th - June 2nd

Qtum has introduced three new improvement proposals!

Q|P #16 - Implement coin locking incentives to proof of stake

QIP #17 - Storage rent within Qtum-x86

QIP #18 - Support Schnorr signature

Please read more about the proposals and how they will affect the protocol, if implemented, in the following blog:

Development Updates May 13 - May 19