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sifchain  (EROWAN)
Sifchain (EROWAN)
$0.146127 0.4%
0.00000427 BTC -0.8%
0.00006836 ETH 1.4%
6,832 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $15,855,063
24 Hour Trading Vol $179,296
Total Value Locked (TVL) $5,006,027
Market Cap / TVL Ratio 3.17
Circulating Supply 108,501,670
Total Supply 998,038,439
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Sifchain CAD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-25 CA$17,906,913 CA$342,892 CA$0.195184 N/A
2021-07-24 CA$17,954,415 CA$363,629 CA$0.193500 CA$0.195184
2021-07-23 CA$15,080,265 CA$140,644 CA$0.162525 CA$0.193500
2021-07-22 CA$14,796,563 CA$206,044 CA$0.158748 CA$0.162525
2021-07-21 CA$12,174,604 CA$142,220 CA$0.131716 CA$0.158748
2021-07-20 CA$13,969,926 CA$137,795 CA$0.149682 CA$0.131716
2021-07-19 CA$14,025,330 CA$71,122 CA$0.151933 CA$0.149682
2021-07-18 CA$13,306,330 CA$64,158 CA$0.143703 CA$0.151933
2021-07-17 CA$12,576,390 CA$163,811 CA$0.135540 CA$0.143703
2021-07-16 CA$14,765,952 CA$153,259 CA$0.158986 CA$0.135540
2021-07-15 CA$14,624,417 CA$94,964 CA$0.157612 CA$0.158986
2021-07-14 CA$14,920,050 CA$152,920 CA$0.161365 CA$0.157612
2021-07-13 CA$14,251,195 CA$165,210 CA$0.152518 CA$0.161365
2021-07-12 CA$15,543,525 CA$110,695 CA$0.167517 CA$0.152518
2021-07-11 CA$15,204,404 CA$178,104 CA$0.163532 CA$0.167517
2021-07-10 CA$14,870,929 CA$104,203 CA$0.164425 CA$0.163532
2021-07-09 CA$14,919,820 CA$72,263 CA$0.164940 CA$0.164425
2021-07-08 CA$16,019,230 CA$68,478 CA$0.177220 CA$0.164940
2021-07-07 CA$16,331,189 CA$80,698 CA$0.180848 CA$0.177220
2021-07-06 CA$16,256,836 CA$114,113 CA$0.178732 CA$0.180848
2021-07-05 CA$17,218,431 CA$120,688 CA$0.190033 CA$0.178732
2021-07-04 CA$16,788,366 CA$119,705 CA$0.185605 CA$0.190033
2021-07-03 CA$16,752,119 CA$83,152 CA$0.185530 CA$0.185605
2021-07-02 CA$14,882,735 CA$160,071 CA$0.179102 CA$0.185530
2021-07-01 CA$16,203,311 CA$139,945 CA$0.194782 CA$0.179102
2021-06-30 CA$16,617,380 CA$119,236 CA$0.199630 CA$0.194782
2021-06-29 CA$16,066,981 CA$159,129 CA$0.193253 CA$0.199630
2021-06-28 CA$0.000000000000 CA$200,598 CA$0.194878 CA$0.193253
2021-06-27 CA$0.000000000000 CA$113,958 CA$0.194151 CA$0.194878
2021-06-26 CA$0.000000000000 CA$247,592 CA$0.212856 CA$0.194151
2021-06-25 CA$0.000000000000 CA$6,088,047 CA$0.220350 CA$0.212856
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