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sifchain  (EROWAN)
Sifchain (EROWAN)
$0.159885 8.0%
0.00000429 BTC 2.6%
0.00007170 ETH 6.2%
6,863 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $17,388,377
24 Hour Trading Vol $339,687
Total Value Locked (TVL) $5,479,672
Market Cap / TVL Ratio 3.17
Circulating Supply 108,501,666
Total Supply 998,038,435
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Sifchain MMK (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-26 K26,447,436,395 K355,306,055 K243.75 N/A
2021-07-25 K23,448,182,553 K448,999,980 K255.58 K243.75
2021-07-24 K23,512,580,399 K476,198,361 K253.40 K255.58
2021-07-23 K19,767,041,849 K184,354,147 K213.04 K253.40
2021-07-22 K19,379,214,325 K269,806,224 K207.87 K213.04
2021-07-21 K15,809,146,676 K184,657,284 K171.02 K207.87
2021-07-20 K18,006,634,766 K177,605,022 K192.93 K171.02
2021-07-19 K18,284,993,857 K92,757,550 K198.15 K192.93
2021-07-18 K17,356,053,266 K83,684,524 K187.44 K198.15
2021-07-17 K16,409,783,427 K213,742,072 K176.85 K187.44
2021-07-16 K19,290,930,116 K200,255,492 K207.74 K176.85
2021-07-15 K19,224,776,607 K124,836,368 K207.19 K207.74
2021-07-14 K19,620,663,332 K201,100,459 K212.21 K207.19
2021-07-13 K18,822,613,757 K218,266,729 K201.50 K212.21
2021-07-12 K20,518,568,922 K146,125,802 K221.13 K201.50
2021-07-11 K20,077,113,783 K235,182,674 K215.94 K221.13
2021-07-10 K19,661,614,878 K137,801,526 K217.44 K215.94
2021-07-09 K19,581,444,298 K94,848,849 K216.49 K217.44
2021-07-08 K21,125,164,393 K90,295,836 K233.68 K216.49
2021-07-07 K21,575,275,505 K106,613,922 K238.93 K233.68
2021-07-06 K21,684,658,316 K152,205,225 K238.40 K238.93
2021-07-05 K22,907,369,884 K160,593,455 K252.87 K238.40
2021-07-04 K22,437,869,046 K159,987,201 K248.06 K252.87
2021-07-03 K22,379,298,939 K111,083,573 K247.85 K248.06
2021-07-02 K19,697,400,664 K211,877,631 K237.07 K247.85
2021-07-01 K21,527,293,663 K185,926,786 K258.78 K237.07
2021-06-30 K22,068,557,388 K158,381,120 K265.17 K258.78
2021-06-29 K21,448,040,911 K212,420,191 K257.97 K265.17
2021-06-28 K0.000000000000 K268,702,051 K261.04 K257.97
2021-06-27 K0.000000000000 K152,630,856 K260.04 K261.04
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