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sifchain  (EROWAN)
Sifchain (EROWAN)
$0.174067 8.8%
0.00000454 BTC 5.5%
0.00007684 ETH 7.4%
6,873 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $18,886,514
24 Hour Trading Vol $291,842
Total Value Locked (TVL) $5,720,195
Market Cap / TVL Ratio 3.3
Circulating Supply 108,501,666
Total Supply 998,038,435
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Sifchain SEK (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-27 kr151,312,682 kr2,965,207 kr1.39 N/A
2021-07-26 kr139,771,052 kr1,877,743 kr1.29 kr1.39
2021-07-25 kr123,885,627 kr2,372,237 kr1.35 kr1.29
2021-07-24 kr124,152,137 kr2,514,443 kr1.34 kr1.35
2021-07-23 kr104,192,475 kr971,734 kr1.12 kr1.34
2021-07-22 kr102,336,992 kr1,425,097 kr1.10 kr1.12
2021-07-21 kr83,551,720 kr976,015 kr0.903930 kr1.10
2021-07-20 kr95,256,407 kr939,831 kr1.02 kr0.903930
2021-07-19 kr96,462,727 kr489,254 kr1.05 kr1.02
2021-07-18 kr91,551,426 kr441,427 kr0.988716 kr1.05
2021-07-17 kr86,558,883 kr1,127,454 kr0.932871 kr0.988716
2021-07-16 kr101,581,939 kr1,054,535 kr1.09 kr0.932871
2021-07-15 kr100,732,088 kr654,105 kr1.09 kr1.09
2021-07-14 kr103,145,097 kr1,057,225 kr1.12 kr1.09
2021-07-13 kr98,204,383 kr1,138,606 kr1.05 kr1.12
2021-07-12 kr107,194,314 kr763,399 kr1.16 kr1.05
2021-07-11 kr105,661,448 kr1,237,715 kr1.14 kr1.16
2021-07-10 kr102,362,169 kr717,421 kr1.13 kr1.14
2021-07-09 kr102,311,756 kr495,679 kr1.13 kr1.13
2021-07-08 kr110,690,317 kr473,082 kr1.22 kr1.13
2021-07-07 kr112,724,884 kr556,855 kr1.25 kr1.22
2021-07-06 kr112,667,237 kr790,771 kr1.24 kr1.25
2021-07-05 kr119,358,128 kr836,774 kr1.32 kr1.24
2021-07-04 kr116,444,772 kr830,278 kr1.29 kr1.32
2021-07-03 kr116,027,863 kr575,925 kr1.29 kr1.29
2021-07-02 kr102,631,773 kr1,104,226 kr1.24 kr1.29
2021-07-01 kr111,759,535 kr965,244 kr1.34 kr1.24
2021-06-30 kr114,238,610 kr819,743 kr1.37 kr1.34
2021-06-29 kr110,863,728 kr1,098,185 kr1.33 kr1.37
2021-06-28 kr0.000000000000 kr1,385,269 kr1.35 kr1.33
2021-06-27 kr0.000000000000 kr787,457 kr1.34 kr1.35
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