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sifchain  (EROWAN)
Sifchain (EROWAN)
$0.157431 4.8%
0.00000418 BTC -4.0%
0.00006972 ETH 0.3%
6,863 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $17,330,473
24 Hour Trading Vol $354,859
Total Value Locked (TVL) $5,490,541
Market Cap / TVL Ratio 3.16
Circulating Supply 108,501,666
Total Supply 998,024,590
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Sifchain XAG (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-26 XAG638,585 XAG8,579.02 XAG0.00588549 N/A
2021-07-25 XAG566,345 XAG10,844.72 XAG0.00617310 XAG0.00588549
2021-07-24 XAG567,642 XAG11,496.40 XAG0.00611765 XAG0.00617310
2021-07-23 XAG471,869 XAG4,400.81 XAG0.00508548 XAG0.00611765
2021-07-22 XAG465,690 XAG6,484.32 XAG0.00499590 XAG0.00508548
2021-07-21 XAG385,073 XAG4,497.73 XAG0.00416554 XAG0.00499590
2021-07-20 XAG435,474 XAG4,294.82 XAG0.00466531 XAG0.00416554
2021-07-19 XAG433,389 XAG2,194.38 XAG0.00468766 XAG0.00466531
2021-07-18 XAG410,850 XAG1,980.97 XAG0.00443701 XAG0.00468766
2021-07-17 XAG388,313 XAG5,057.88 XAG0.00418496 XAG0.00443701
2021-07-16 XAG445,267 XAG4,622.49 XAG0.00479522 XAG0.00418496
2021-07-15 XAG445,646 XAG2,893.81 XAG0.00480286 XAG0.00479522
2021-07-14 XAG458,894 XAG4,704.22 XAG0.00496400 XAG0.00480286
2021-07-13 XAG435,669 XAG5,052.40 XAG0.00466427 XAG0.00496400
2021-07-12 XAG478,294 XAG3,406.24 XAG0.00515472 XAG0.00466427
2021-07-11 XAG468,129 XAG5,483.65 XAG0.00503501 XAG0.00515472
2021-07-10 XAG457,766 XAG3,208.32 XAG0.00506249 XAG0.00503501
2021-07-09 XAG459,149 XAG2,224.16 XAG0.00507660 XAG0.00506249
2021-07-08 XAG490,388 XAG2,097.32 XAG0.00542782 XAG0.00507660
2021-07-07 XAG501,998 XAG2,481.76 XAG0.00556170 XAG0.00542782
2021-07-06 XAG497,992 XAG3,497.53 XAG0.00547810 XAG0.00556170
2021-07-05 XAG527,942 XAG3,700.82 XAG0.00582725 XAG0.00547810
2021-07-04 XAG515,158 XAG3,673.20 XAG0.00569537 XAG0.00582725
2021-07-03 XAG513,637 XAG2,549.53 XAG0.00568853 XAG0.00569537
2021-07-02 XAG460,082 XAG4,949.69 XAG0.00553817 XAG0.00568853
2021-07-01 XAG501,050 XAG4,327.47 XAG0.00602318 XAG0.00553817
2021-06-30 XAG519,856 XAG3,726.77 XAG0.00623951 XAG0.00602318
2021-06-29 XAG499,043 XAG4,942.78 XAG0.00600271 XAG0.00623951
2021-06-28 XAG0.000000000000 XAG6,240.73 XAG0.00606278 XAG0.00600271
2021-06-27 XAG0.000000000000 XAG3,551.07 XAG0.00604997 XAG0.00606278
2021-06-26 XAG0.000000000000 XAG7,710.81 XAG0.00662904 XAG0.00604997
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