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Market Cap $427,879
24 Hour Trading Vol $159.42
Circulating Supply 56,737,470
Total Supply 65,000,000
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Social Send AUD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-08-02 A$666,138 A$19.78 A$0.01195538 N/A
2021-08-01 A$677,108 A$124.25 A$0.01230698 A$0.01195538
2021-07-31 A$1,057,370 A$18.58 A$0.01876198 A$0.01230698
2021-07-30 A$765,494 A$958.14 A$0.01339034 A$0.01876198
2021-07-29 A$613,935 A$0.209816 A$0.01086171 A$0.01339034
2021-07-28 A$731,696 A$23.95 A$0.01202544 A$0.01086171
2021-07-27 A$867,923 A$334.43 A$0.01183977 A$0.01202544
2021-07-26 A$593,315 A$11.63 A$0.01126565 A$0.01183977
2021-07-25 A$882,566 A$76.43 A$0.01555526 A$0.01126565
2021-07-24 A$537,070 A$39.85 A$0.00946588 A$0.01555526
2021-07-23 A$598,180 A$39.08 A$0.01054295 A$0.00946588
2021-07-22 A$1,172,479 A$207.81 A$0.02008540 A$0.01054295
2021-07-21 A$441,037 A$580.77 A$0.00777329 A$0.02008540
2021-07-20 A$523,619 A$49.93 A$0.01260037 A$0.00777329
2021-07-19 A$533,347 A$92.40 A$0.00941539 A$0.01260037
2021-07-18 A$517,119 A$2.76 A$0.01170342 A$0.00941539
2021-07-17 A$509,107 A$0.897302 A$0.00897302 A$0.01170342
2021-07-16 A$554,763 A$128.94 A$0.01067802 A$0.00897302
2021-07-15 A$647,274 A$35.97 A$0.01141339 A$0.01067802
2021-07-14 A$667,161 A$3.13 A$0.01175874 A$0.01141339
2021-07-13 A$691,015 A$22.06 A$0.01224619 A$0.01175874
2021-07-12 A$683,391 A$50.76 A$0.01237855 A$0.01224619
2021-07-11 A$733,714 A$190.67 A$0.01297079 A$0.01237855
2021-07-10 A$712,055 A$4.70 A$0.01252810 A$0.01297079
2021-07-09 A$668,926 A$12.45 A$0.01178985 A$0.01252810
2021-07-08 A$865,479 A$8.67 A$0.01379660 A$0.01178985
2021-07-07 A$719,852 A$318.53 A$0.01477165 A$0.01379660
2021-07-06 A$719,890 A$255.82 A$0.01268808 A$0.01477165
2021-07-05 A$747,802 A$7.65 A$0.01318004 A$0.01268808
2021-07-04 A$817,422 A$36.87 A$0.01440710 A$0.01318004
2021-07-03 A$671,998 A$161.55 A$0.01178601 A$0.01440710
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