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Market Cap $498,292
24 Hour Trading Vol $14.53
Circulating Supply 56,737,470
Total Supply 65,000,000
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Social Send BCH (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-08-02 BCH900.492 BCH0.02667855 BCH0.00001613 N/A
2021-08-01 BCH919.383 BCH0.16942213 BCH0.00001678 BCH0.00001613
2021-07-31 BCH1,424 BCH0.02477665 BCH0.00002502 BCH0.00001678
2021-07-30 BCH1,111 BCH1.322931 BCH0.00001849 BCH0.00002502
2021-07-29 BCH892.735 BCH0.00030383 BCH0.00001573 BCH0.00001849
2021-07-28 BCH1,094 BCH0.03537083 BCH0.00001776 BCH0.00001573
2021-07-27 BCH1,242 BCH0.50482049 BCH0.00001787 BCH0.00001776
2021-07-26 BCH978.987 BCH0.01917101 BCH0.00001857 BCH0.00001787
2021-07-25 BCH1,420 BCH0.12296453 BCH0.00002503 BCH0.00001857
2021-07-24 BCH899.345 BCH0.06673129 BCH0.00001585 BCH0.00002503
2021-07-23 BCH1,008 BCH0.06587868 BCH0.00001777 BCH0.00001585
2021-07-22 BCH2,023 BCH0.36079204 BCH0.00003487 BCH0.00001777
2021-07-21 BCH801.456 BCH1.055387 BCH0.00001413 BCH0.00003487
2021-07-20 BCH919.215 BCH0.08772826 BCH0.00002214 BCH0.00001413
2021-07-19 BCH898.368 BCH0.15592428 BCH0.00001589 BCH0.00002214
2021-07-18 BCH870.971 BCH0.00466126 BCH0.00001974 BCH0.00001589
2021-07-17 BCH853.268 BCH0.00150389 BCH0.00001504 BCH0.00001974
2021-07-16 BCH908.380 BCH0.21014903 BCH0.00001740 BCH0.00001504
2021-07-15 BCH1,016 BCH0.05675876 BCH0.00001801 BCH0.00001740
2021-07-14 BCH1,069 BCH0.00501956 BCH0.00001885 BCH0.00001801
2021-07-13 BCH1,078 BCH0.03431148 BCH0.00001905 BCH0.00001885
2021-07-12 BCH1,031 BCH0.07623336 BCH0.00001859 BCH0.00001905
2021-07-11 BCH1,112 BCH0.28796537 BCH0.00001959 BCH0.00001859
2021-07-10 BCH1,059 BCH0.00700659 BCH0.00001868 BCH0.00001959
2021-07-09 BCH1,006 BCH0.01873665 BCH0.00001774 BCH0.00001868
2021-07-08 BCH1,226 BCH0.01255383 BCH0.00001997 BCH0.00001774
2021-07-07 BCH1,062 BCH0.47145546 BCH0.00002186 BCH0.00001997
2021-07-06 BCH1,057 BCH0.37556421 BCH0.00001863 BCH0.00002186
2021-07-05 BCH1,058 BCH0.01083138 BCH0.00001865 BCH0.00001863
2021-07-04 BCH1,228 BCH0.05540312 BCH0.00002165 BCH0.00001865
2021-07-03 BCH1,030 BCH0.24493497 BCH0.00001787 BCH0.00002165
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