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24 Hour Trading Vol
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$0.01297409 / $0.02223339
Circulating Supply
56,737,470 / 65,000,000

Social Send BTC (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-04-22 BTC17.992024 BTC0.00430319 BTC0.0000003483 N/A
2021-04-21 BTC28.333578 BTC0.00012256 BTC0.0000002543 BTC0.0000003483
2021-04-20 BTC13.616993 BTC0.00000430 BTC0.0000002297 BTC0.0000002543
2021-04-19 BTC13.616993 BTC0.00007495 BTC0.0000002400 BTC0.0000002297
2021-04-18 BTC18.144324 BTC0.00296132 BTC0.0000003193 BTC0.0000002400
2021-04-17 BTC16.245914 BTC0.01157225 BTC0.0000002889 BTC0.0000003193
2021-04-16 BTC15.886492 BTC0.00201233 BTC0.0000002800 BTC0.0000002889
2021-04-15 BTC23.390698 BTC0.00455878 BTC0.0000004123 BTC0.0000002800
2021-04-14 BTC16.624079 BTC0.00009839 BTC0.0000004316 BTC0.0000004123
2021-04-13 BTC17.707078 BTC0.01028043 BTC0.0000004869 BTC0.0000004316
2021-04-12 BTC17.011285 BTC0.00071658 BTC0.0000003100 BTC0.0000004869
2021-04-11 BTC19.801377 BTC0.00938479 BTC0.0000003540 BTC0.0000003100
2021-04-10 BTC14.796323 BTC0.00236852 BTC0.0000002734 BTC0.0000003540
2021-04-09 BTC15.602805 BTC0.00486615 BTC0.0000003200 BTC0.0000002734
2021-04-08 BTC25.214644 BTC0.00001454 BTC0.0000004444 BTC0.0000003200
2021-04-07 BTC17.930111 BTC0.00128321 BTC0.0000002846 BTC0.0000004444
2021-04-06 BTC14.754573 BTC0.00355796 BTC0.0000003137 BTC0.0000002846
2021-04-05 BTC14.458139 BTC0.01220980 BTC0.0000002548 BTC0.0000003137
2021-04-04 BTC15.886492 BTC0.00015800 BTC0.0000002800 BTC0.0000002548
2021-04-03 BTC14.493163 BTC0.00017597 BTC0.0000003400 BTC0.0000002800
2021-04-02 BTC17.021241 BTC0.00000415 BTC0.0000002130 BTC0.0000003400
2021-04-01 BTC14.814389 BTC0.00694191 BTC0.0000002616 BTC0.0000002130
2021-03-31 BTC22.494022 BTC0.00003421 BTC0.0000003560 BTC0.0000002616
2021-03-30 BTC11.167527 BTC0.00000219 BTC0.0000001965 BTC0.0000003560
2021-03-29 BTC20.992864 BTC0.00633764 BTC0.0000003697 BTC0.0000001965
2021-03-28 BTC19.685896 BTC0.00062653 BTC0.0000003600 BTC0.0000003697
2021-03-27 BTC22.524776 BTC0.00080177 BTC0.0000003970 BTC0.0000003600
2021-03-26 BTC22.884550 BTC0.00039296 BTC0.0000004037 BTC0.0000003970
2021-03-25 BTC28.368735 BTC0.00151891 BTC0.0000005000 BTC0.0000004037
2021-03-24 BTC16.256322 BTC0.00024005 BTC0.0000003800 BTC0.0000005000
2021-03-23 BTC25.050156 BTC0.02843214 BTC0.0000004415 BTC0.0000003800
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