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377 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $577,075
24 Hour Trading Vol $68.19
Circulating Supply 56,737,470
Total Supply 65,000,000
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Social Send EOS (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-25 EOS177,827 EOS15.398770 EOS0.00313421 N/A
2021-07-24 EOS112,648 EOS8.358436 EOS0.00198542 EOS0.00313421
2021-07-23 EOS124,813 EOS8.154473 EOS0.00219983 EOS0.00198542
2021-07-22 EOS246,875 EOS44.139747 EOS0.00426622 EOS0.00219983
2021-07-21 EOS97,881 EOS128.893 EOS0.00172515 EOS0.00426622
2021-07-20 EOS110,858 EOS10.577964 EOS0.00266958 EOS0.00172515
2021-07-19 EOS108,382 EOS18.791175 EOS0.00191487 EOS0.00266958
2021-07-18 EOS103,799 EOS0.55319307 EOS0.00234232 EOS0.00191487
2021-07-17 EOS101,972 EOS0.17972569 EOS0.00179726 EOS0.00234232
2021-07-16 EOS111,772 EOS26.249041 EOS0.00217378 EOS0.00179726
2021-07-15 EOS124,831 EOS7.024549 EOS0.00222884 EOS0.00217378
2021-07-14 EOS129,134 EOS0.60618765 EOS0.00227599 EOS0.00222884
2021-07-13 EOS124,631 EOS3.932260 EOS0.00218296 EOS0.00227599
2021-07-12 EOS124,991 EOS9.224986 EOS0.00224948 EOS0.00218296
2021-07-11 EOS138,758 EOS35.939108 EOS0.00244485 EOS0.00224948
2021-07-10 EOS125,890 EOS0.83425954 EOS0.00222469 EOS0.00244485
2021-07-09 EOS136,644 EOS2.543866 EOS0.00240835 EOS0.00222469
2021-07-08 EOS164,502 EOS1.655676 EOS0.00263338 EOS0.00240835
2021-07-07 EOS139,590 EOS61.957 EOS0.00287319 EOS0.00263338
2021-07-06 EOS139,816 EOS49.684134 EOS0.00246426 EOS0.00287319
2021-07-05 EOS136,494 EOS1.397141 EOS0.00240571 EOS0.00246426
2021-07-04 EOS153,481 EOS6.923636 EOS0.00270512 EOS0.00240571
2021-07-03 EOS130,529 EOS30.946654 EOS0.00225771 EOS0.00270512
2021-07-02 EOS178,500 EOS56.107 EOS0.00314607 EOS0.00225771
2021-07-01 EOS136,507 EOS19.975289 EOS0.00240594 EOS0.00314607
2021-06-30 EOS134,518 EOS111.411 EOS0.00239790 EOS0.00240594
2021-06-29 EOS185,941 EOS105.281 EOS0.00306484 EOS0.00239790
2021-06-28 EOS203,288 EOS464.988 EOS0.00351775 EOS0.00306484
2021-06-27 EOS212,617 EOS569.293 EOS0.00372565 EOS0.00351775
2021-06-26 EOS113,670 EOS10.135954 EOS0.00218186 EOS0.00372565
2021-06-25 EOS97,938 EOS1.230721 EOS0.00222359 EOS0.00218186
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