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Market Cap $325,880
24 Hour Trading Vol $62.58
Circulating Supply 56,737,470
Total Supply 65,000,000
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Social Send IDR (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-08-02 Rp7,065,924,349 Rp209,775 Rp126.81 N/A
2021-08-01 Rp7,197,920,050 Rp1,320,780 Rp130.83 Rp126.81
2021-07-31 Rp11,240,248,694 Rp197,525 Rp199.45 Rp130.83
2021-07-30 Rp8,172,437,706 Rp10,218,375 Rp142.81 Rp199.45
2021-07-29 Rp6,545,332,286 Rp2,236.71 Rp115.79 Rp142.81
2021-07-28 Rp7,816,285,506 Rp255,769 Rp128.41 Rp115.79
2021-07-27 Rp9,269,129,325 Rp3,586,522 Rp126.97 Rp128.41
2021-07-26 Rp6,324,049,129 Rp124,234 Rp120.36 Rp126.97
2021-07-25 Rp9,407,133,655 Rp814,603 Rp165.80 Rp120.36
2021-07-24 Rp5,731,435,740 Rp425,272 Rp101.02 Rp165.80
2021-07-23 Rp6,404,247,406 Rp418,413 Rp112.88 Rp101.02
2021-07-22 Rp12,487,002,487 Rp2,212,575 Rp213.85 Rp112.88
2021-07-21 Rp4,704,533,261 Rp6,195,104 Rp82.92 Rp213.85
2021-07-20 Rp5,603,800,716 Rp534,886 Rp134.99 Rp82.92
2021-07-19 Rp5,728,089,305 Rp991,806 Rp101.07 Rp134.99
2021-07-18 Rp5,544,559,149 Rp29,636 Rp125.48 Rp101.07
2021-07-17 Rp5,458,639,470 Rp9,620.87 Rp96.21 Rp125.48
2021-07-16 Rp5,983,703,901 Rp1,390,153 Rp115.12 Rp96.21
2021-07-15 Rp7,006,127,307 Rp390,159 Rp123.79 Rp115.12
2021-07-14 Rp7,214,181,541 Rp33,865 Rp127.15 Rp123.79
2021-07-13 Rp7,499,296,078 Rp239,345 Rp132.87 Rp127.15
2021-07-12 Rp7,407,528,584 Rp552,005 Rp134.60 Rp132.87
2021-07-11 Rp7,956,487,828 Rp2,067,645 Rp140.66 Rp134.60
2021-07-10 Rp7,721,740,350 Rp50,947 Rp135.86 Rp140.66
2021-07-09 Rp7,251,617,591 Rp135,002 Rp127.81 Rp135.86
2021-07-08 Rp9,419,686,153 Rp94,302 Rp149.99 Rp127.81
2021-07-07 Rp7,831,595,311 Rp3,465,061 Rp160.69 Rp149.99
2021-07-06 Rp7,863,054,101 Rp2,794,171 Rp138.59 Rp160.69
2021-07-05 Rp8,161,843,653 Rp83,544 Rp143.85 Rp138.59
2021-07-04 Rp8,900,533,565 Rp401,508 Rp156.87 Rp143.85
2021-07-03 Rp7,316,526,068 Rp1,758,937 Rp128.32 Rp156.87
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