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24H Range
Market Cap $495,834
24 Hour Trading Vol $246.85
Circulating Supply 56,737,470
Total Supply 65,000,000
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Social Send KWD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-26 KD131,479 KD2.58 KD0.00249762 N/A
2021-07-25 KD195,578 KD16.94 KD0.00344707 KD0.00249762
2021-07-24 KD119,080 KD8.84 KD0.00209878 KD0.00344707
2021-07-23 KD132,724 KD8.67 KD0.00233926 KD0.00209878
2021-07-22 KD259,453 KD45.98 KD0.00444403 KD0.00233926
2021-07-21 KD97,261 KD128.08 KD0.00171423 KD0.00444403
2021-07-20 KD115,516 KD11.03 KD0.00278257 KD0.00171423
2021-07-19 KD118,642 KD20.54 KD0.00209334 KD0.00278257
2021-07-18 KD115,072 KD0.615065 KD0.00260430 KD0.00209334
2021-07-17 KD113,289 KD0.199672 KD0.00199672 KD0.00260430
2021-07-16 KD123,881 KD28.76 KD0.00238189 KD0.00199672
2021-07-15 KD145,480 KD8.09 KD0.00256831 KD0.00238189
2021-07-14 KD149,453 KD0.701569 KD0.00263411 KD0.00256831
2021-07-13 KD155,454 KD4.96 KD0.00275369 KD0.00263411
2021-07-12 KD153,691 KD11.44 KD0.00278873 KD0.00275369
2021-07-11 KD165,289 KD42.95 KD0.00292203 KD0.00278873
2021-07-10 KD160,450 KD1.06 KD0.00282299 KD0.00292203
2021-07-09 KD149,685 KD2.79 KD0.00263820 KD0.00282299
2021-07-08 KD195,693 KD1.96 KD0.00311123 KD0.00263820
2021-07-07 KD162,550 KD71.88 KD0.00333329 KD0.00311123
2021-07-06 KD163,611 KD58.14 KD0.00288365 KD0.00333329
2021-07-05 KD169,418 KD1.73 KD0.00298600 KD0.00288365
2021-07-04 KD185,440 KD8.37 KD0.00326838 KD0.00298600
2021-07-03 KD152,437 KD36.65 KD0.00267356 KD0.00326838
2021-07-02 KD211,469 KD66.47 KD0.00372714 KD0.00267356
2021-07-01 KD167,779 KD24.55 KD0.00295711 KD0.00372714
2021-06-30 KD171,352 KD139.85 KD0.00301002 KD0.00295711
2021-06-29 KD216,254 KD123.00 KD0.00358070 KD0.00301002
2021-06-28 KD226,894 KD522.54 KD0.00395316 KD0.00358070
2021-06-27 KD224,922 KD602.97 KD0.00394606 KD0.00395316
2021-06-26 KD123,528 KD11.09 KD0.00238824 KD0.00394606
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