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24H Range
Market Cap $496,960
24 Hour Trading Vol $308.93
Circulating Supply 56,737,470
Total Supply 65,000,000
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Social Send NOK (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-27 kr5,652,606 kr2,177.48 kr0.077089 N/A
2021-07-26 kr3,872,157 kr75.87 kr0.073499 kr0.077089
2021-07-25 kr5,759,901 kr498.77 kr0.101518 kr0.073499
2021-07-24 kr3,507,365 kr260.25 kr0.061817 kr0.101518
2021-07-23 kr3,906,893 kr255.25 kr0.068859 kr0.061817
2021-07-22 kr7,654,945 kr1,357.94 kr0.131248 kr0.068859
2021-07-21 kr2,909,919 kr3,831.89 kr0.051287 kr0.131248
2021-07-20 kr3,440,432 kr328.05 kr0.082789 kr0.051287
2021-07-19 kr3,490,518 kr604.32 kr0.061582 kr0.082789
2021-07-18 kr3,384,032 kr18.09 kr0.076587 kr0.061582
2021-07-17 kr3,335,265 kr5.88 kr0.058784 kr0.076587
2021-07-16 kr3,634,538 kr845.28 kr0.070001 kr0.058784
2021-07-15 kr4,229,169 kr235.28 kr0.074652 kr0.070001
2021-07-14 kr4,361,441 kr20.47 kr0.076871 kr0.074652
2021-07-13 kr4,496,163 kr143.46 kr0.079638 kr0.076871
2021-07-12 kr4,438,016 kr329.94 kr0.080455 kr0.079638
2021-07-11 kr4,757,993 kr1,236.46 kr0.084113 kr0.080455
2021-07-10 kr4,633,042 kr30.57 kr0.081516 kr0.084113
2021-07-09 kr4,362,748 kr81.22 kr0.076894 kr0.081516
2021-07-08 kr5,648,078 kr56.65 kr0.090109 kr0.076894
2021-07-07 kr4,695,881 kr2,078.77 kr0.096401 kr0.090109
2021-07-06 kr4,655,269 kr1,654.27 kr0.082049 kr0.096401
2021-07-05 kr4,843,631 kr49.58 kr0.085369 kr0.082049
2021-07-04 kr5,290,935 kr238.68 kr0.093253 kr0.085369
2021-07-03 kr4,346,890 kr1,045.02 kr0.076239 kr0.093253
2021-07-02 kr6,055,561 kr1,903.41 kr0.106729 kr0.076239
2021-07-01 kr4,799,685 kr702.35 kr0.084595 kr0.106729
2021-06-30 kr4,871,720 kr3,982.08 kr0.085706 kr0.084595
2021-06-29 kr6,124,149 kr3,483.80 kr0.101417 kr0.085706
2021-06-28 kr6,397,594 kr14,739.17 kr0.111505 kr0.101417
2021-06-27 kr6,338,292 kr16,991.72 kr0.111200 kr0.111505
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