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Market Cap $790,482
24 Hour Trading Vol $13.80
Circulating Supply 56,737,470
Total Supply 65,000,000
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Social Send TWD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-31 NT$21,702,434 NT$381.38 NT$0.385088 N/A
2021-07-30 NT$15,815,856 NT$19,784.10 NT$0.276491 NT$0.385088
2021-07-29 NT$12,648,638 NT$4.32 NT$0.223541 NT$0.276491
2021-07-28 NT$15,116,891 NT$494.32 NT$0.248177 NT$0.223541
2021-07-27 NT$17,961,702 NT$6,926.74 NT$0.245226 NT$0.248177
2021-07-26 NT$12,249,386 NT$240.25 NT$0.232753 NT$0.245226
2021-07-25 NT$18,227,944 NT$1,578.43 NT$0.321268 NT$0.232753
2021-07-24 NT$11,092,355 NT$823.05 NT$0.195503 NT$0.321268
2021-07-23 NT$12,367,331 NT$808.00 NT$0.217975 NT$0.195503
2021-07-22 NT$24,157,342 NT$4,282.06 NT$0.413872 NT$0.217975
2021-07-21 NT$9,065,812 NT$11,938.20 NT$0.159785 NT$0.413872
2021-07-20 NT$10,790,839 NT$1,029.96 NT$0.259934 NT$0.159785
2021-07-19 NT$11,037,942 NT$1,911.20 NT$0.194756 NT$0.259934
2021-07-18 NT$10,707,905 NT$57.23 NT$0.242341 NT$0.194756
2021-07-17 NT$10,541,973 NT$18.58 NT$0.185803 NT$0.242341
2021-07-16 NT$11,505,072 NT$2,672.48 NT$0.221318 NT$0.185803
2021-07-15 NT$13,551,539 NT$753.24 NT$0.238998 NT$0.221318
2021-07-14 NT$13,928,545 NT$65.38 NT$0.245491 NT$0.238998
2021-07-13 NT$14,459,084 NT$461.47 NT$0.256179 NT$0.245491
2021-07-12 NT$14,304,598 NT$1,063.24 NT$0.259268 NT$0.256179
2021-07-11 NT$15,359,007 NT$3,991.33 NT$0.271521 NT$0.259268
2021-07-10 NT$14,926,258 NT$98.46 NT$0.262548 NT$0.271521
2021-07-09 NT$13,924,403 NT$259.23 NT$0.245418 NT$0.262548
2021-07-08 NT$18,184,642 NT$181.82 NT$0.289193 NT$0.245418
2021-07-07 NT$15,099,772 NT$6,667.34 NT$0.309190 NT$0.289193
2021-07-06 NT$15,125,343 NT$5,374.86 NT$0.266585 NT$0.309190
2021-07-05 NT$15,696,899 NT$160.67 NT$0.276658 NT$0.266585
2021-07-04 NT$17,182,135 NT$775.10 NT$0.302836 NT$0.276658
2021-07-03 NT$14,124,270 NT$3,395.56 NT$0.247722 NT$0.302836
2021-07-02 NT$19,604,696 NT$6,162.22 NT$0.345533 NT$0.247722
2021-07-01 NT$15,523,122 NT$2,271.53 NT$0.273596 NT$0.345533
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