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stipend  (SPD)
Stipend (SPD)
$0.059923671588 ?
Last Updated: 2021-07-28 05:26:39 UTC (2 days ago)
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24H Range
Market Cap $756,685
24 Hour Trading Vol ?
Circulating Supply 12,627,476
Total Supply 19,209,600
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Stipend BRL (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-29 R$3,140,854 R$10.53 R$0.309787 N/A
2021-07-28 R$3,052,895 R$60.57 R$0.248817 R$0.309787
2021-07-27 R$3,915,067 R$122.57 R$0.240281 R$0.248817
2021-07-26 R$2,962,358 R$661.88 R$0.286637 R$0.240281
2021-07-25 R$2,962,358 R$661.88 R$0.286637 R$0.286637
2021-07-24 R$2,965,623 R$272.67 R$0.234786 R$0.286637
2021-07-23 R$1,350,000 R$1,757.00 R$0.107575 R$0.234786
2021-07-22 R$2,136,404 R$1,364.36 R$0.171656 R$0.107575
2021-07-21 R$2,175,364 R$289.02 R$0.120771 R$0.171656
2021-07-20 R$3,859,717 R$0.739169 R$0.296320 R$0.120771
2021-07-19 R$3,859,717 R$0.739169 R$0.296320 R$0.296320
2021-07-16 R$3,856,649 R$0.624941 R$0.306164 R$0.296320
2021-07-15 R$3,976,812 R$0.624922 R$0.306154 R$0.306164
2021-07-14 R$3,976,812 R$0.624922 R$0.306154 R$0.306154
2021-07-09 R$3,985,696 R$167.09 R$0.315748 R$0.306154
2021-07-08 R$4,184,398 R$0.297583 R$0.330648 R$0.315748
2021-07-07 R$5,231,912 R$6,963.63 R$0.413124 R$0.330648
2021-07-06 R$4,951,332 R$6,755.44 R$0.404371 R$0.413124
2021-07-05 R$4,951,332 R$6,755.44 R$0.404371 R$0.404371
2021-07-04 R$4,012,417 R$53.03 R$0.317450 R$0.404371
2021-07-03 R$5,020,926 R$2,160.56 R$0.425830 R$0.317450
2021-07-02 R$4,847,707 R$70.16 R$0.385643 R$0.425830
2021-07-01 R$4,865,207 R$106.68 R$0.395796 R$0.385643
2021-06-30 R$5,467,471 R$4,009.81 R$0.435101 R$0.395796
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