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Storjcoin X


Storjcoin X is a token that is to be used as a means of exchange to access cloud storage space and bandwidth across the Storj network. Users can obtain SJCX by renting out resources to the network via DriveMiner and they will be able to rent spa...more

Genesis Date July 18, 2014 (over 2 years)
Market Capitalization $10,413,676.75

24h High ฿0.00022975
24h Low ฿0.00016580
24h Change 0.0000279 (16.314%)
24h Market Cap ฿10,026
24h Trading Volume ฿566
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Rank 20
Complete Metrics Score
Total (%)
Major Exchanges Trading Activity
Liquidity (%)
Source Code Repository Activity
Developer (%)
Social Media & Discussion Board
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Hashrate N/A      Try Cloud Mining
Homepage      Bitcoin Debit Card
Discussion Forum
Available/Total Supply 50.5 Million / 500 Million
Trading Price ฿ 0.00019866
Storjcoin X Trading Volume ฿ 565.74535414
BitcoinTalk Thread Total Pages 33
Facebook Likes 2789
Twitter Followers 11338
Reddit Subscribers 1316.0
Average Users Online 4.0
Average New Hot Posts Per Hour 0.06
Average New Comments on Hot Posts Per Hour 0.7
Code Repository Stars 183
Watchers 42
Forks 62
Total Issues 462
Closed Issues 436
Merged Pull Requests 200
Contributors 26
Total new commits in the last 4 weeks 19
Bing Search Result Count 0
Alexa Official Website Rank 186795
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Donation Address 1KQCqYhmmpY3PVHESiHiYgvfgUskUGPp2w

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