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sucrecoin  (XSR)
Sucrecoin (XSR)
$0.002438436141 95.3%
0.00000007 BTC 91.9%
150 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $25,405
24 Hour Trading Vol $25.96
Circulating Supply 10,418,607
Total Supply 21,212,444
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Sucrecoin BCH (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-24 BCH30.308947 BCH0.00074031 BCH0.00000271 N/A
2021-07-23 BCH30.593451 BCH0.00016516 BCH0.00000293 BCH0.00000271
2021-07-22 BCH31.083953 BCH0.10684235 BCH0.00000298 BCH0.00000293
2021-07-21 BCH20.231807 BCH0.00393187 BCH0.00000199 BCH0.00000298
2021-07-20 BCH17.165657 BCH0.00079158 BCH0.00000199 BCH0.00000199
2021-07-19 BCH15.840331 BCH0.00000166 BCH0.00000165 BCH0.00000199
2021-07-18 BCH15.734223 BCH0.00612329 BCH0.00000152 BCH0.00000165
2021-07-17 BCH14.405070 BCH0.02165463 BCH0.00000127 BCH0.00000152
2021-07-16 BCH14.405070 BCH0.02165463 BCH0.00000127 BCH0.00000127
2021-07-14 BCH19.514767 BCH0.00001865 BCH0.00000186 BCH0.00000127
2021-07-13 BCH19.760127 BCH0.01118620 BCH0.00000188 BCH0.00000186
2021-07-12 BCH20.691884 BCH0.01004018 BCH0.00000194 BCH0.00000188
2021-07-11 BCH21.926608 BCH0.00475428 BCH0.00000130 BCH0.00000194
2021-07-10 BCH21.871806 BCH0.00005577 BCH0.00000210 BCH0.00000130
2021-07-09 BCH20.486964 BCH0.00493101 BCH0.00000221 BCH0.00000210
2021-07-08 BCH22.494951 BCH0.01045410 BCH0.00000220 BCH0.00000221
2021-07-07 BCH24.561695 BCH0.01898931 BCH0.00000241 BCH0.00000220
2021-07-06 BCH24.586129 BCH0.00057686 BCH0.00000236 BCH0.00000241
2021-07-05 BCH24.842048 BCH0.02393452 BCH0.00000238 BCH0.00000236
2021-07-04 BCH27.002896 BCH0.00155136 BCH0.00000262 BCH0.00000238
2021-07-03 BCH27.538466 BCH0.02134858 BCH0.00000264 BCH0.00000262
2021-07-02 BCH29.408437 BCH0.00534313 BCH0.00000282 BCH0.00000264
2021-07-01 BCH30.521055 BCH0.03252014 BCH0.00000294 BCH0.00000282
2021-06-30 BCH33.117800 BCH0.00217081 BCH0.00000318 BCH0.00000294
2021-06-29 BCH31.656072 BCH0.00056512 BCH0.00000309 BCH0.00000318
2021-06-28 BCH32.444034 BCH0.00059544 BCH0.00000311 BCH0.00000309
2021-06-27 BCH33.270434 BCH0.00131188 BCH0.00000321 BCH0.00000311
2021-06-26 BCH33.788927 BCH0.00096878 BCH0.00000326 BCH0.00000321
2021-06-25 BCH37.707236 BCH0.03610469 BCH0.00000364 BCH0.00000326
2021-06-24 BCH35.231792 BCH0.00124499 BCH0.00000338 BCH0.00000364
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