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sucrecoin  (XSR)
Sucrecoin (XSR)
$0.001683838937 -1.0%
0.00000004 BTC -8.2%
154 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $17,543.26
24 Hour Trading Vol $15.89
Circulating Supply 10,418,607
Total Supply 21,212,444
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Sucrecoin BHD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-31 BD6,769.14 BD5.82 BD0.00064888 N/A
2021-07-30 BD6,702.57 BD2.88 BD0.00064333 BD0.00064888
2021-07-29 BD6,582.85 BD1.81 BD0.00064793 BD0.00064333
2021-07-28 BD6,267.83 BD2.32 BD0.00060232 BD0.00064793
2021-07-27 BD6,719.27 BD49.11 BD0.00060605 BD0.00060232
2021-07-26 BD6,657.11 BD2.84 BD0.00062964 BD0.00060605
2021-07-25 BD9,589.84 BD9.79 BD0.00091954 BD0.00062964
2021-07-24 BD5,089.87 BD0.124510 BD0.00045643 BD0.00091954
2021-07-23 BD5,068.78 BD0.02748101 BD0.00048749 BD0.00045643
2021-07-22 BD4,991.27 BD17.19 BD0.00048019 BD0.00048749
2021-07-21 BD2,973.90 BD0.593842 BD0.00030072 BD0.00048019
2021-07-20 BD2,868.94 BD0.124626 BD0.00031311 BD0.00030072
2021-07-19 BD2,593.44 BD0.00027785 BD0.00027537 BD0.00031311
2021-07-18 BD2,593.11 BD1.00 BD0.00024892 BD0.00027537
2021-07-17 BD2,518.45 BD3.69 BD0.00021538 BD0.00024892
2021-07-16 BD2,518.45 BD3.69 BD0.00021538 BD0.00021538
2021-07-14 BD3,507.04 BD0.00333916 BD0.00033380 BD0.00021538
2021-07-13 BD3,566.52 BD2.03 BD0.00034066 BD0.00033380
2021-07-12 BD3,869.09 BD1.89 BD0.00036543 BD0.00034066
2021-07-11 BD4,212.69 BD0.883612 BD0.00024148 BD0.00036543
2021-07-10 BD4,197.18 BD0.01071545 BD0.00040434 BD0.00024148
2021-07-09 BD3,773.49 BD0.911286 BD0.00040858 BD0.00040434
2021-07-08 BD4,513.79 BD2.03 BD0.00042672 BD0.00040858
2021-07-07 BD4,768.09 BD3.64 BD0.00046267 BD0.00042672
2021-07-06 BD4,734.25 BD0.111984 BD0.00045765 BD0.00046267
2021-07-05 BD5,048.48 BD4.86 BD0.00048466 BD0.00045765
2021-07-04 BD5,175.69 BD0.293245 BD0.00049576 BD0.00048466
2021-07-03 BD5,038.27 BD3.91 BD0.00048418 BD0.00049576
2021-07-02 BD5,561.11 BD1.01 BD0.00053375 BD0.00048418
2021-07-01 BD6,003.00 BD6.44 BD0.00058202 BD0.00053375
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