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sucrecoin  (XSR)
Sucrecoin (XSR)
$0.002438436141 95.3%
0.00000007 BTC 91.9%
150 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $25,405
24 Hour Trading Vol $25.96
Circulating Supply 10,418,607
Total Supply 21,212,444
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Sucrecoin BNB (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-25 BNB83.474 BNB0.08438501 BNB0.00000793 N/A
2021-07-24 BNB45.857404 BNB0.00111301 BNB0.00000408 BNB0.00000793
2021-07-23 BNB46.044191 BNB0.00024913 BNB0.00000442 BNB0.00000408
2021-07-22 BNB45.604993 BNB0.15629728 BNB0.00000437 BNB0.00000442
2021-07-21 BNB30.209879 BNB0.00591926 BNB0.00000300 BNB0.00000437
2021-07-20 BNB24.912673 BNB0.00116604 BNB0.00000293 BNB0.00000300
2021-07-19 BNB23.095036 BNB0.00000241 BNB0.00000239 BNB0.00000293
2021-07-18 BNB22.859538 BNB0.00892770 BNB0.00000222 BNB0.00000239
2021-07-17 BNB20.756846 BNB0.03148486 BNB0.00000184 BNB0.00000222
2021-07-16 BNB20.756846 BNB0.03148486 BNB0.00000184 BNB0.00000184
2021-07-14 BNB29.837955 BNB0.00002842 BNB0.00000284 BNB0.00000184
2021-07-13 BNB30.032778 BNB0.01700555 BNB0.00000286 BNB0.00000284
2021-07-12 BNB31.741974 BNB0.01551703 BNB0.00000300 BNB0.00000286
2021-07-11 BNB34.937025 BNB0.00750353 BNB0.00000205 BNB0.00000300
2021-07-10 BNB35.056718 BNB0.00008887 BNB0.00000335 BNB0.00000205
2021-07-09 BNB32.554551 BNB0.00782056 BNB0.00000351 BNB0.00000335
2021-07-08 BNB35.627144 BNB0.01609300 BNB0.00000339 BNB0.00000351
2021-07-07 BNB41.216795 BNB0.03042433 BNB0.00000387 BNB0.00000339
2021-07-06 BNB41.592007 BNB0.00096802 BNB0.00000396 BNB0.00000387
2021-07-05 BNB42.476003 BNB0.04092427 BNB0.00000408 BNB0.00000396
2021-07-04 BNB45.893254 BNB0.00260785 BNB0.00000441 BNB0.00000408
2021-07-03 BNB47.276947 BNB0.03671455 BNB0.00000454 BNB0.00000441
2021-07-02 BNB50.920 BNB0.00925601 BNB0.00000489 BNB0.00000454
2021-07-01 BNB52.892 BNB0.05650098 BNB0.00000510 BNB0.00000489
2021-06-30 BNB56.910 BNB0.00378157 BNB0.00000554 BNB0.00000510
2021-06-29 BNB54.097 BNB0.00096856 BNB0.00000530 BNB0.00000554
2021-06-28 BNB53.771 BNB0.00097966 BNB0.00000511 BNB0.00000530
2021-06-27 BNB54.463 BNB0.00214790 BNB0.00000525 BNB0.00000511
2021-06-26 BNB55.367 BNB0.00156272 BNB0.00000525 BNB0.00000525
2021-06-25 BNB58.736 BNB0.05634192 BNB0.00000568 BNB0.00000525
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