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sucrecoin  (XSR)
Sucrecoin (XSR)
$0.002438436141 95.3%
0.00000007 BTC 91.9%
150 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $25,405
24 Hour Trading Vol $25.96
Circulating Supply 10,418,607
Total Supply 21,212,444
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Sucrecoin CZK (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-24 Kč293,892 Kč7.20 Kč0.02637597 N/A
2021-07-23 Kč292,702 Kč1.59 Kč0.02814923 Kč0.02637597
2021-07-22 Kč288,312 Kč993.28 Kč0.02774809 Kč0.02814923
2021-07-21 Kč171,288 Kč34.30 Kč0.01736692 Kč0.02774809
2021-07-20 Kč164,603 Kč7.20 Kč0.01809300 Kč0.01736692
2021-07-19 Kč148,803 Kč0.01594118 Kč0.01579899 Kč0.01809300
2021-07-18 Kč148,764 Kč57.52 Kč0.01428246 Kč0.01579899
2021-07-17 Kč144,625 Kč211.52 Kč0.01235786 Kč0.01428246
2021-07-16 Kč144,625 Kč211.52 Kč0.01235786 Kč0.01235786
2021-07-14 Kč202,078 Kč0.192683 Kč0.01926135 Kč0.01235786
2021-07-13 Kč204,783 Kč116.32 Kč0.01954546 Kč0.01926135
2021-07-12 Kč222,215 Kč108.90 Kč0.02105385 Kč0.01954546
2021-07-11 Kč242,232 Kč50.80 Kč0.01388319 Kč0.02105385
2021-07-10 Kč241,340 Kč0.616145 Kč0.02324999 Kč0.01388319
2021-07-09 Kč218,330 Kč52.78 Kč0.02366437 Kč0.02324999
2021-07-08 Kč260,621 Kč117.59 Kč0.02474285 Kč0.02366437
2021-07-07 Kč272,671 Kč209.34 Kč0.02662212 Kč0.02474285
2021-07-06 Kč270,732 Kč6.40 Kč0.02617154 Kč0.02662212
2021-07-05 Kč288,412 Kč277.88 Kč0.02768801 Kč0.02617154
2021-07-04 Kč295,895 Kč16.76 Kč0.02834289 Kč0.02768801
2021-07-03 Kč287,714 Kč223.49 Kč0.02765033 Kč0.02834289
2021-07-02 Kč318,402 Kč57.83 Kč0.03057600 Kč0.02765033
2021-07-01 Kč342,489 Kč367.56 Kč0.03319717 Kč0.03057600
2021-06-30 Kč377,753 Kč24.90 Kč0.03646299 Kč0.03319717
2021-06-29 Kč345,142 Kč6.09 Kč0.03331398 Kč0.03646299
2021-06-28 Kč312,966 Kč5.96 Kč0.03107688 Kč0.03331398
2021-06-27 Kč320,282 Kč12.62 Kč0.03086757 Kč0.03107688
2021-06-26 Kč329,099 Kč9.36 Kč0.03146891 Kč0.03086757
2021-06-25 Kč392,461 Kč375.59 Kč0.03788540 Kč0.03146891
2021-06-24 Kč343,236 Kč12.21 Kč0.03317604 Kč0.03788540
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