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sucrecoin  (XSR)
Sucrecoin (XSR)
$0.001719628572 0.7%
0.00000004 BTC 0.7%
153 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $17,916.14
24 Hour Trading Vol $0.006149568862
Circulating Supply 10,418,607
Total Supply 21,212,444
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Sucrecoin LTC (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-30 LTC126.764 LTC0.05452370 LTC0.00001217 N/A
2021-07-29 LTC125.998 LTC0.03464166 LTC0.00001239 LTC0.00001217
2021-07-28 LTC124.950 LTC0.04618250 LTC0.00001199 LTC0.00001239
2021-07-27 LTC128.026 LTC0.99850295 LTC0.00001232 LTC0.00001199
2021-07-26 LTC141.653 LTC0.06050308 LTC0.00001343 LTC0.00001232
2021-07-25 LTC199.957 LTC0.20356552 LTC0.00001912 LTC0.00001343
2021-07-24 LTC112.049 LTC0.00272391 LTC0.00000999 LTC0.00001912
2021-07-23 LTC112.024 LTC0.00060370 LTC0.00001071 LTC0.00000999
2021-07-22 LTC113.508 LTC0.39025680 LTC0.00001090 LTC0.00001071
2021-07-21 LTC74.987 LTC0.01462235 LTC0.00000740 LTC0.00001090
2021-07-20 LTC63.079 LTC0.00289141 LTC0.00000726 LTC0.00000740
2021-07-19 LTC57.348 LTC0.00000611 LTC0.00000605 LTC0.00000726
2021-07-18 LTC57.059 LTC0.02216857 LTC0.00000550 LTC0.00000605
2021-07-17 LTC52.319 LTC0.07834141 LTC0.00000458 LTC0.00000550
2021-07-16 LTC52.319 LTC0.07834141 LTC0.00000458 LTC0.00000458
2021-07-14 LTC69.631 LTC0.00006605 LTC0.00000660 LTC0.00000458
2021-07-13 LTC70.154 LTC0.04019535 LTC0.00000675 LTC0.00000660
2021-07-12 LTC76.485 LTC0.03736511 LTC0.00000722 LTC0.00000675
2021-07-11 LTC82.270 LTC0.01771318 LTC0.00000484 LTC0.00000722
2021-07-10 LTC82.121 LTC0.00020926 LTC0.00000790 LTC0.00000484
2021-07-09 LTC76.796 LTC0.01837220 LTC0.00000824 LTC0.00000790
2021-07-08 LTC84.207 LTC0.03884741 LTC0.00000817 LTC0.00000824
2021-07-07 LTC90.544 LTC0.06983220 LTC0.00000888 LTC0.00000817
2021-07-06 LTC90.138 LTC0.00212654 LTC0.00000869 LTC0.00000888
2021-07-05 LTC90.463 LTC0.08715782 LTC0.00000868 LTC0.00000869
2021-07-04 LTC97.578 LTC0.00561505 LTC0.00000949 LTC0.00000868
2021-07-03 LTC100.056 LTC0.07764673 LTC0.00000961 LTC0.00000949
2021-07-02 LTC106.249 LTC0.01932360 LTC0.00001022 LTC0.00000961
2021-07-01 LTC111.388 LTC0.11875388 LTC0.00001073 LTC0.00001022
2021-06-30 LTC119.885 LTC0.00785762 LTC0.00001151 LTC0.00001073
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