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sucrecoin  (XSR)
Sucrecoin (XSR)
$0.001685475271 -0.7%
0.00000005 BTC -5.1%
151 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $16,749.86
24 Hour Trading Vol $136.56
Circulating Supply 10,418,607
Total Supply 21,212,444
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Sucrecoin NZD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-06-16 NZ$33,298 NZ$0.234695 NZ$0.00323738 N/A
2021-06-15 NZ$32,842 NZ$1.19 NZ$0.00317308 NZ$0.00323738
2021-06-14 NZ$31,828 NZ$0.162477 NZ$0.00308654 NZ$0.00317308
2021-06-13 NZ$29,901 NZ$4.38 NZ$0.00290588 NZ$0.00308654
2021-06-12 NZ$30,649 NZ$6.87 NZ$0.00297973 NZ$0.00290588
2021-06-11 NZ$30,677 NZ$22.26 NZ$0.00298421 NZ$0.00297973
2021-06-10 NZ$36,437 NZ$20.22 NZ$0.00354092 NZ$0.00298421
2021-06-09 NZ$29,843 NZ$32.14 NZ$0.00317888 NZ$0.00354092
2021-06-08 NZ$34,501 NZ$10.08 NZ$0.00334422 NZ$0.00317888
2021-06-07 NZ$33,121 NZ$55.64 NZ$0.00299134 NZ$0.00334422
2021-06-06 NZ$37,266 NZ$17.39 NZ$0.00353977 NZ$0.00299134
2021-06-05 NZ$40,129 NZ$16.01 NZ$0.00395491 NZ$0.00353977
2021-06-04 NZ$33,373 NZ$3.50 NZ$0.00325930 NZ$0.00395491
2021-06-03 NZ$37,370 NZ$13.76 NZ$0.00368610 NZ$0.00325930
2021-06-02 NZ$36,027 NZ$7.72 NZ$0.00933594 NZ$0.00368610
2021-06-01 NZ$33,050 NZ$3.17 NZ$0.00323309 NZ$0.00933594
2021-05-31 NZ$36,450 NZ$22.76 NZ$0.00356794 NZ$0.00323309
2021-05-30 NZ$28,007 NZ$0.248244 NZ$0.00234425 NZ$0.00356794
2021-05-29 NZ$25,531 NZ$2.86 NZ$0.00249897 NZ$0.00234425
2021-05-28 NZ$29,223 NZ$7.19 NZ$0.00286489 NZ$0.00249897
2021-05-27 NZ$23,367 NZ$48.74 NZ$0.00229210 NZ$0.00286489
2021-05-26 NZ$38,341 NZ$152.96 NZ$0.00375661 NZ$0.00229210
2021-05-25 NZ$17,255.86 NZ$6.38 NZ$0.00170070 NZ$0.00375661
2021-05-24 NZ$15,570.50 NZ$25.17 NZ$0.00151546 NZ$0.00170070
2021-05-23 NZ$17,125.85 NZ$24.54 NZ$0.00167504 NZ$0.00151546
2021-05-22 NZ$17,160.12 NZ$23.39 NZ$0.00172185 NZ$0.00167504
2021-05-21 NZ$17,139.61 NZ$4.27 NZ$0.00172154 NZ$0.00172185
2021-05-20 NZ$16,987.03 NZ$167.31 NZ$0.00165626 NZ$0.00172154
2021-05-19 NZ$18,162.47 NZ$128.87 NZ$0.00178958 NZ$0.00165626
2021-05-18 NZ$14,299.46 NZ$2.26 NZ$0.00140458 NZ$0.00178958
2021-05-17 NZ$14,526.86 NZ$6.53 NZ$0.00142834 NZ$0.00140458
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