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sucrecoin  (XSR)
Sucrecoin (XSR)
$0.001576089919 ?
Last Updated: 2021-08-01 14:00:33 UTC (about 15 hours ago)
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24H Range
Market Cap $16,420.66
24 Hour Trading Vol ?
Circulating Supply 10,418,607
Total Supply 21,212,444
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Sucrecoin XRP (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-08-02 XRP21,736 XRP0.01434522 XRP0.00208560 N/A
2021-08-01 XRP22,054 XRP1.640568 XRP0.00213021 XRP0.00208560
2021-07-31 XRP23,288 XRP20.432104 XRP0.00227958 XRP0.00213021
2021-07-30 XRP24,838 XRP10.683278 XRP0.00238400 XRP0.00227958
2021-07-29 XRP24,473 XRP6.792331 XRP0.00242879 XRP0.00238400
2021-07-28 XRP26,265 XRP9.719226 XRP0.00252250 XRP0.00242879
2021-07-27 XRP26,565 XRP207.399 XRP0.00255927 XRP0.00252250
2021-07-26 XRP29,664 XRP12.683044 XRP0.00281424 XRP0.00255927
2021-07-25 XRP41,545 XRP41.819615 XRP0.00392886 XRP0.00281424
2021-07-24 XRP22,594 XRP0.54636760 XRP0.00200289 XRP0.00392886
2021-07-23 XRP22,701 XRP0.12252612 XRP0.00217352 XRP0.00200289
2021-07-22 XRP23,115 XRP79.742 XRP0.00222764 XRP0.00217352
2021-07-21 XRP15,015 XRP2.954877 XRP0.00149633 XRP0.00222764
2021-07-20 XRP12,905 XRP0.58554045 XRP0.00147109 XRP0.00149633
2021-07-19 XRP11,881 XRP0.00124983 XRP0.00123868 XRP0.00147109
2021-07-18 XRP11,802 XRP4.592622 XRP0.00114033 XRP0.00123868
2021-07-17 XRP10,866 XRP16.251056 XRP0.00094944 XRP0.00114033
2021-07-16 XRP10,866 XRP16.251056 XRP0.00094944 XRP0.00094944
2021-07-14 XRP14,837 XRP0.01410327 XRP0.00140982 XRP0.00094944
2021-07-13 XRP15,059 XRP8.501965 XRP0.00142858 XRP0.00140982
2021-07-12 XRP16,179 XRP7.869624 XRP0.00152145 XRP0.00142858
2021-07-11 XRP17,412 XRP3.757458 XRP0.00102686 XRP0.00152145
2021-07-10 XRP17,419 XRP0.04429018 XRP0.00167127 XRP0.00102686
2021-07-09 XRP16,255 XRP3.874030 XRP0.00173695 XRP0.00167127
2021-07-08 XRP17,797 XRP8.113325 XRP0.00170720 XRP0.00173695
2021-07-07 XRP18,946 XRP14.518947 XRP0.00184636 XRP0.00170720
2021-07-06 XRP18,977 XRP0.44496089 XRP0.00181845 XRP0.00184636
2021-07-05 XRP18,926 XRP18.234174 XRP0.00181689 XRP0.00181845
2021-07-04 XRP20,316 XRP1.157632 XRP0.00195711 XRP0.00181689
2021-07-03 XRP20,737 XRP16.087435 XRP0.00199037 XRP0.00195711
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