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swingby  (SWINGBY)
Swingby (SWINGBY)
$0.062280269302 1.9%
0.00000165 BTC -6.7%
0.00020538 BNB 0.5%
5,817 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $16,193,297
24 Hour Trading Vol $510,820
Fully Diluted Valuation $66,385,243
Circulating Supply 243,929,170
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
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Swingby BITS (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-26 μBTC425,370,668 μBTC14,686,180 μBTC1.74 N/A
2021-07-25 μBTC458,982,168 μBTC15,735,297 μBTC1.88 μBTC1.74
2021-07-24 μBTC409,321,973 μBTC13,036,374 μBTC1.86 μBTC1.88
2021-07-23 μBTC491,830,789 μBTC11,907,248 μBTC2.22 μBTC1.86
2021-07-22 μBTC513,674,211 μBTC15,226,402 μBTC2.33 μBTC2.22
2021-07-21 μBTC484,679,713 μBTC18,288,383 μBTC2.19 μBTC2.33
2021-07-20 μBTC495,432,845 μBTC17,111,236 μBTC2.29 μBTC2.19
2021-07-19 μBTC502,165,993 μBTC14,800,169 μBTC2.32 μBTC2.29
2021-07-18 μBTC500,657,518 μBTC14,820,594 μBTC2.30 μBTC2.32
2021-07-17 μBTC527,118,919 μBTC15,251,034 μBTC2.42 μBTC2.30
2021-07-16 μBTC555,753,733 μBTC10,441,868 μBTC2.54 μBTC2.42
2021-07-15 μBTC551,981,550 μBTC11,212,091 μBTC2.53 μBTC2.54
2021-07-14 μBTC566,132,834 μBTC10,680,306 μBTC2.59 μBTC2.53
2021-07-13 μBTC545,655,023 μBTC9,277,446 μBTC2.50 μBTC2.59
2021-07-12 μBTC536,911,944 μBTC10,496,016 μBTC2.48 μBTC2.50
2021-07-11 μBTC529,031,692 μBTC9,349,573 μBTC2.43 μBTC2.48
2021-07-10 μBTC533,133,695 μBTC7,950,737 μBTC2.45 μBTC2.43
2021-07-09 μBTC553,610,003 μBTC8,227,319 μBTC2.54 μBTC2.45
2021-07-08 μBTC581,672,236 μBTC14,551,898 μBTC2.68 μBTC2.54
2021-07-07 μBTC534,396,766 μBTC13,034,203 μBTC2.48 μBTC2.68
2021-07-06 μBTC504,058,786 μBTC11,003,368 μBTC2.34 μBTC2.48
2021-07-05 μBTC495,608,399 μBTC11,320,893 μBTC2.29 μBTC2.34
2021-07-04 μBTC492,783,475 μBTC10,972,054 μBTC2.29 μBTC2.29
2021-07-03 μBTC494,203,741 μBTC11,716,582 μBTC2.30 μBTC2.29
2021-07-02 μBTC503,060,753 μBTC11,449,065 μBTC2.34 μBTC2.30
2021-07-01 μBTC497,185,863 μBTC14,277,569 μBTC2.31 μBTC2.34
2021-06-30 μBTC499,474,042 μBTC11,280,037 μBTC2.32 μBTC2.31
2021-06-29 μBTC489,435,794 μBTC9,156,252 μBTC2.27 μBTC2.32
2021-06-28 μBTC438,907,548 μBTC8,335,925 μBTC2.04 μBTC2.27
2021-06-27 μBTC433,052,974 μBTC10,696,362 μBTC2.01 μBTC2.04
2021-06-26 μBTC459,868,901 μBTC11,164,218 μBTC2.12 μBTC2.01
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