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swingby  (SWINGBY)
Swingby (SWINGBY)
$0.066911024413 -2.3%
0.00000197 BTC -6.4%
0.00022061 BNB -6.8%
5,825 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $14,799,241
24 Hour Trading Vol $607,109
Fully Diluted Valuation $66,911,024
Circulating Supply 221,177,921
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
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Swingby CAD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-24 CA$17,190,685 CA$547,553 CA$0.077922 N/A
2021-07-23 CA$19,981,975 CA$484,240 CA$0.090404 CA$0.077922
2021-07-22 CA$20,735,449 CA$615,830 CA$0.094317 CA$0.090404
2021-07-21 CA$18,314,054 CA$691,930 CA$0.082763 CA$0.094317
2021-07-20 CA$19,565,778 CA$676,064 CA$0.090503 CA$0.082763
2021-07-19 CA$20,109,685 CA$594,285 CA$0.093104 CA$0.090503
2021-07-18 CA$19,963,136 CA$590,954 CA$0.091529 CA$0.093104
2021-07-17 CA$20,905,550 CA$604,758 CA$0.096147 CA$0.091529
2021-07-16 CA$22,241,558 CA$417,646 CA$0.101772 CA$0.096147
2021-07-15 CA$22,692,941 CA$461,039 CA$0.103951 CA$0.101772
2021-07-14 CA$23,198,055 CA$437,640 CA$0.106199 CA$0.103951
2021-07-13 CA$22,612,274 CA$383,884 CA$0.103271 CA$0.106199
2021-07-12 CA$22,954,866 CA$448,503 CA$0.105763 CA$0.103271
2021-07-11 CA$22,194,101 CA$392,229 CA$0.102125 CA$0.105763
2021-07-10 CA$22,564,273 CA$336,246 CA$0.103701 CA$0.102125
2021-07-09 CA$22,781,331 CA$339,173 CA$0.104771 CA$0.103701
2021-07-08 CA$24,755,876 CA$617,117 CA$0.113638 CA$0.104771
2021-07-07 CA$22,741,976 CA$554,606 CA$0.105494 CA$0.113638
2021-07-06 CA$21,140,449 CA$461,486 CA$0.097964 CA$0.105494
2021-07-05 CA$21,651,648 CA$494,852 CA$0.100241 CA$0.097964
2021-07-04 CA$21,040,185 CA$468,485 CA$0.097696 CA$0.100241
2021-07-03 CA$20,600,636 CA$488,976 CA$0.095804 CA$0.097696
2021-07-02 CA$21,027,315 CA$478,939 CA$0.097783 CA$0.095804
2021-07-01 CA$21,664,417 CA$621,851 CA$0.100537 CA$0.097783
2021-06-30 CA$22,348,399 CA$504,205 CA$0.103508 CA$0.100537
2021-06-29 CA$20,809,853 CA$389,379 CA$0.096549 CA$0.103508
2021-06-28 CA$18,674,511 CA$354,639 CA$0.086732 CA$0.096549
2021-06-27 CA$17,005,930 CA$420,508 CA$0.079055 CA$0.086732
2021-06-26 CA$17,994,517 CA$436,642 CA$0.083050 CA$0.079055
2021-06-25 CA$19,005,958 CA$526,251 CA$0.088082 CA$0.083050
2021-06-24 CA$17,233,868 CA$526,754 CA$0.079289 CA$0.088082
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