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swingby  (SWINGBY)
Swingby (SWINGBY)
$0.061287773098 -5.3%
0.00000178 BTC -6.5%
0.00020539 BNB -5.1%
5,820 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $14,931,321
24 Hour Trading Vol $489,592
Fully Diluted Valuation $61,283,722
Circulating Supply 243,642,519
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
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Swingby CLP (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-25 CLP$11,951,920,398 CLP$409,833,423 CLP$48.89 N/A
2021-07-24 CLP$10,426,855,999 CLP$332,233,799 CLP$47.28 CLP$48.89
2021-07-23 CLP$11,991,784,372 CLP$290,615,541 CLP$54.26 CLP$47.28
2021-07-22 CLP$12,420,758,513 CLP$368,818,688 CLP$56.49 CLP$54.26
2021-07-21 CLP$10,953,180,007 CLP$413,810,527 CLP$49.50 CLP$56.49
2021-07-20 CLP$11,667,114,223 CLP$403,174,764 CLP$53.97 CLP$49.50
2021-07-19 CLP$12,075,846,793 CLP$356,924,247 CLP$55.92 CLP$53.97
2021-07-18 CLP$11,991,126,244 CLP$354,964,444 CLP$54.98 CLP$55.92
2021-07-17 CLP$12,557,199,325 CLP$363,255,731 CLP$57.75 CLP$54.98
2021-07-16 CLP$13,365,954,561 CLP$250,982,549 CLP$61.16 CLP$57.75
2021-07-15 CLP$13,507,865,401 CLP$274,483,311 CLP$61.89 CLP$61.16
2021-07-14 CLP$13,889,325,009 CLP$262,027,276 CLP$63.58 CLP$61.89
2021-07-13 CLP$13,500,716,434 CLP$229,153,530 CLP$61.65 CLP$63.58
2021-07-12 CLP$13,804,626,655 CLP$269,776,130 CLP$63.62 CLP$61.65
2021-07-11 CLP$13,353,982,294 CLP$236,000,301 CLP$61.45 CLP$63.62
2021-07-10 CLP$13,576,709,817 CLP$202,316,327 CLP$62.40 CLP$61.45
2021-07-09 CLP$13,691,330,526 CLP$203,828,977 CLP$62.96 CLP$62.40
2021-07-08 CLP$14,859,440,734 CLP$370,381,427 CLP$68.20 CLP$62.96
2021-07-07 CLP$13,652,710,291 CLP$332,954,855 CLP$63.33 CLP$68.20
2021-07-06 CLP$12,619,815,317 CLP$275,484,685 CLP$58.48 CLP$63.33
2021-07-05 CLP$12,916,933,211 CLP$295,234,329 CLP$59.80 CLP$58.48
2021-07-04 CLP$12,567,322,240 CLP$279,826,819 CLP$58.35 CLP$59.80
2021-07-03 CLP$12,294,967,632 CLP$291,832,968 CLP$57.18 CLP$58.35
2021-07-02 CLP$12,516,805,722 CLP$285,087,382 CLP$58.21 CLP$57.18
2021-07-01 CLP$12,800,587,899 CLP$367,418,316 CLP$59.40 CLP$58.21
2021-06-30 CLP$13,116,753,363 CLP$295,968,213 CLP$60.76 CLP$59.40
2021-06-29 CLP$12,400,374,233 CLP$232,026,636 CLP$57.53 CLP$60.76
2021-06-28 CLP$11,135,900,792 CLP$211,526,956 CLP$51.73 CLP$57.53
2021-06-27 CLP$10,144,803,467 CLP$250,852,169 CLP$47.16 CLP$51.73
2021-06-26 CLP$10,728,377,725 CLP$260,476,551 CLP$49.54 CLP$47.16
2021-06-25 CLP$11,321,964,851 CLP$313,471,016 CLP$52.47 CLP$49.54
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