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swingby  (SWINGBY)
Swingby (SWINGBY)
$0.058473930434 -6.8%
0.00000147 BTC -12.8%
0.00018777 BNB -8.6%
5,816 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $14,267,165
24 Hour Trading Vol $431,036
Fully Diluted Valuation $58,495,532
Circulating Supply 243,901,786
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
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Swingby SATS (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-28 sats36,851,903,600 sats1,112,408,464 sats150.72 N/A
2021-07-27 sats40,160,968,703 sats1,354,109,605 sats165.16 sats150.72
2021-07-26 sats42,537,066,826 sats1,468,617,981 sats174.44 sats165.16
2021-07-25 sats45,898,216,792 sats1,573,529,677 sats187.69 sats174.44
2021-07-24 sats40,932,197,275 sats1,303,637,421 sats185.52 sats187.69
2021-07-23 sats49,183,078,936 sats1,190,724,764 sats222.30 sats185.52
2021-07-22 sats51,367,421,089 sats1,522,640,177 sats233.20 sats222.30
2021-07-21 sats48,467,971,292 sats1,828,838,347 sats218.75 sats233.20
2021-07-20 sats49,543,284,534 sats1,711,123,569 sats229.06 sats218.75
2021-07-19 sats50,216,599,280 sats1,480,016,916 sats231.87 sats229.06
2021-07-18 sats50,065,751,790 sats1,482,059,432 sats229.55 sats231.87
2021-07-17 sats52,711,891,935 sats1,525,103,431 sats242.47 sats229.55
2021-07-16 sats55,575,373,277 sats1,044,186,789 sats254.45 sats242.47
2021-07-15 sats55,198,154,964 sats1,121,209,138 sats252.80 sats254.45
2021-07-14 sats56,613,283,358 sats1,068,030,620 sats259.17 sats252.80
2021-07-13 sats54,565,502,314 sats927,744,639 sats249.58 sats259.17
2021-07-12 sats53,691,194,358 sats1,049,601,616 sats247.51 sats249.58
2021-07-11 sats52,903,169,207 sats934,957,269 sats243.44 sats247.51
2021-07-10 sats53,313,369,514 sats795,073,748 sats245.21 sats243.44
2021-07-09 sats55,361,000,330 sats822,731,929 sats254.14 sats245.21
2021-07-08 sats58,167,223,603 sats1,455,189,823 sats267.96 sats254.14
2021-07-07 sats53,439,676,574 sats1,303,420,318 sats247.93 sats267.96
2021-07-06 sats50,405,878,597 sats1,100,336,832 sats233.58 sats247.93
2021-07-05 sats49,560,839,945 sats1,132,089,257 sats229.32 sats233.58
2021-07-04 sats49,278,347,466 sats1,097,205,354 sats228.81 sats229.32
2021-07-03 sats49,420,374,052 sats1,171,658,177 sats229.56 sats228.81
2021-07-02 sats50,306,075,346 sats1,144,906,462 sats233.75 sats229.56
2021-07-01 sats49,718,586,259 sats1,427,756,932 sats230.83 sats233.75
2021-06-30 sats49,947,404,177 sats1,128,003,657 sats231.57 sats230.83
2021-06-29 sats48,943,579,427 sats915,625,242 sats227.04 sats231.57
2021-06-28 sats43,890,754,806 sats833,592,503 sats203.87 sats227.04
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