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swingby  (SWINGBY)
Swingby (SWINGBY)
$0.058636439947 -4.3%
0.00000147 BTC -11.1%
0.00018690 BNB -7.1%
5,817 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $14,298,744
24 Hour Trading Vol $427,475
Fully Diluted Valuation $58,624,576
Circulating Supply 243,903,586
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
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Swingby SEK (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-28 kr123,865,310 kr3,753,791 kr0.508591 N/A
2021-07-27 kr129,999,675 kr4,358,367 kr0.531594 kr0.508591
2021-07-26 kr130,300,929 kr4,501,216 kr0.534646 kr0.531594
2021-07-25 kr136,276,292 kr4,672,938 kr0.557397 kr0.534646
2021-07-24 kr118,871,059 kr3,787,621 kr0.539016 kr0.557397
2021-07-23 kr138,056,243 kr3,345,710 kr0.624618 kr0.539016
2021-07-22 kr143,411,917 kr4,259,364 kr0.652342 kr0.624618
2021-07-21 kr125,668,273 kr4,748,510 kr0.567981 kr0.652342
2021-07-20 kr133,411,578 kr4,611,105 kr0.617279 kr0.567981
2021-07-19 kr138,303,386 kr4,088,113 kr0.640465 kr0.617279
2021-07-18 kr137,352,196 kr4,065,935 kr0.629744 kr0.640465
2021-07-17 kr143,885,571 kr4,162,334 kr0.661745 kr0.629744
2021-07-16 kr153,010,155 kr2,873,186 kr0.700141 kr0.661745
2021-07-15 kr156,289,961 kr3,175,754 kr0.716042 kr0.700141
2021-07-14 kr160,372,499 kr3,025,487 kr0.734172 kr0.716042
2021-07-13 kr155,858,336 kr2,645,329 kr0.711638 kr0.734172
2021-07-12 kr158,323,957 kr3,093,824 kr0.729567 kr0.711638
2021-07-11 kr154,235,634 kr2,725,753 kr0.709708 kr0.729567
2021-07-10 kr155,351,035 kr2,314,998 kr0.713960 kr0.709708
2021-07-09 kr156,264,795 kr2,326,419 kr0.718631 kr0.713960
2021-07-08 kr171,059,140 kr4,263,363 kr0.785072 kr0.718631
2021-07-07 kr156,974,886 kr3,826,923 kr0.727935 kr0.785072
2021-07-06 kr146,516,403 kr3,198,385 kr0.678949 kr0.727935
2021-07-05 kr150,099,299 kr3,430,999 kr0.695010 kr0.678949
2021-07-04 kr145,935,557 kr3,249,434 kr0.677626 kr0.695010
2021-07-03 kr142,683,310 kr3,386,727 kr0.663556 kr0.677626
2021-07-02 kr145,021,565 kr3,303,899 kr0.674544 kr0.663556
2021-07-01 kr149,456,061 kr4,289,113 kr0.693436 kr0.674544
2021-06-30 kr153,660,569 kr3,466,583 kr0.711653 kr0.693436
2021-06-29 kr143,592,656 kr2,686,800 kr0.666210 kr0.711653
2021-06-28 kr128,956,871 kr2,449,440 kr0.599047 kr0.666210
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