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swingby  (SWINGBY)
Swingby (SWINGBY)
$0.062801496694 2.7%
0.00000167 BTC -6.0%
0.00020692 BNB 1.2%
5,817 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $15,319,117
24 Hour Trading Vol $515,295
Fully Diluted Valuation $62,801,497
Circulating Supply 243,929,170
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
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Swingby XAG (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-26 XAG595,318 XAG20,565 XAG0.00244269 N/A
2021-07-25 XAG622,989 XAG21,362 XAG0.00254815 XAG0.00244269
2021-07-24 XAG543,496 XAG17,317.56 XAG0.00246446 XAG0.00254815
2021-07-23 XAG625,155 XAG15,152.13 XAG0.00282878 XAG0.00246446
2021-07-22 XAG652,604 XAG19,380.50 XAG0.00296821 XAG0.00282878
2021-07-21 XAG579,252 XAG21,882 XAG0.00261740 XAG0.00296821
2021-07-20 XAG610,037 XAG21,072 XAG0.00282082 XAG0.00261740
2021-07-19 XAG620,973 XAG18,335.80 XAG0.00287258 XAG0.00282082
2021-07-18 XAG616,388 XAG18,246.48 XAG0.00282607 XAG0.00287258
2021-07-17 XAG645,486 XAG18,672.68 XAG0.00296866 XAG0.00282607
2021-07-16 XAG670,694 XAG12,594.12 XAG0.00306895 XAG0.00296866
2021-07-15 XAG691,506 XAG14,052.95 XAG0.00316854 XAG0.00306895
2021-07-14 XAG713,500 XAG13,460.44 XAG0.00326634 XAG0.00316854
2021-07-13 XAG691,463 XAG11,735.62 XAG0.00315708 XAG0.00326634
2021-07-12 XAG706,071 XAG13,799.40 XAG0.00325409 XAG0.00315708
2021-07-11 XAG683,336 XAG12,076.36 XAG0.00314434 XAG0.00325409
2021-07-10 XAG694,733 XAG10,352.72 XAG0.00319284 XAG0.00314434
2021-07-09 XAG701,176 XAG10,438.11 XAG0.00322433 XAG0.00319284
2021-07-08 XAG757,838 XAG18,900.80 XAG0.00348047 XAG0.00322433
2021-07-07 XAG699,056 XAG17,042.98 XAG0.00324182 XAG0.00348047
2021-07-06 XAG647,681 XAG14,138.58 XAG0.00300132 XAG0.00324182
2021-07-05 XAG663,963 XAG15,174.37 XAG0.00307384 XAG0.00300132
2021-07-04 XAG645,627 XAG14,375.68 XAG0.00299785 XAG0.00307384
2021-07-03 XAG631,637 XAG14,992.51 XAG0.00293746 XAG0.00299785
2021-07-02 XAG649,861 XAG14,809.72 XAG0.00302364 XAG0.00293746
2021-07-01 XAG670,039 XAG19,229.34 XAG0.00310888 XAG0.00302364
2021-06-30 XAG698,832 XAG15,776.51 XAG0.00323875 XAG0.00310888
2021-06-29 XAG646,334 XAG12,093.72 XAG0.00299872 XAG0.00323875
2021-06-28 XAG581,029 XAG11,040.02 XAG0.00270000 XAG0.00299872
2021-06-27 XAG529,924 XAG13,103.52 XAG0.00246345 XAG0.00270000
2021-06-26 XAG560,408 XAG13,606.26 XAG0.00258793 XAG0.00246345
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