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themis  (MIS)
Themis (MIS)
$0.155065 6.6%
0.00000388 BTC 5.4%
0.00006665 ETH 4.6%
80 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap ?
24 Hour Trading Vol $92,385
Circulating Supply ?
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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Themis BRL (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-29 R$0.000000000000 R$303,445 R$0.611142 N/A
2021-07-28 R$0.000000000000 R$128,033 R$0.507912 R$0.611142
2021-07-27 R$0.000000000000 R$128,084 R$0.437633 R$0.507912
2021-07-26 R$0.000000000000 R$191,585 R$0.458007 R$0.437633
2021-07-25 R$0.000000000000 R$363,616 R$0.626852 R$0.458007
2021-07-24 R$0.000000000000 R$506,035 R$0.752006 R$0.626852
2021-07-23 R$0.000000000000 R$459,703 R$0.810514 R$0.752006
2021-07-22 R$0.000000000000 R$334,802 R$0.569484 R$0.810514
2021-07-21 R$0.000000000000 R$677,836 R$0.738093 R$0.569484
2021-07-20 R$0.000000000000 R$652,001 R$0.846206 R$0.738093
2021-07-19 R$0.000000000000 R$599,327 R$0.818979 R$0.846206
2021-07-18 R$0.000000000000 R$701,012 R$0.991905 R$0.818979
2021-07-17 R$0.000000000000 R$593,764 R$0.841590 R$0.991905
2021-07-16 R$0.000000000000 R$730,934 R$1.03 R$0.841590
2021-07-15 R$0.000000000000 R$563,129 R$0.803456 R$1.03
2021-07-14 R$0.000000000000 R$658,752 R$0.810535 R$0.803456
2021-07-13 R$0.000000000000 R$893,695 R$0.993582 R$0.810535
2021-07-12 R$0.000000000000 R$789,481 R$1.08 R$0.993582
2021-07-11 R$0.000000000000 R$783,044 R$1.01 R$1.08
2021-07-10 R$0.000000000000 R$768,072 R$0.952602 R$1.01
2021-07-09 R$0.000000000000 R$741,587 R$0.921362 R$0.952602
2021-07-08 R$0.000000000000 R$685,749 R$0.880468 R$0.921362
2021-07-07 R$0.000000000000 R$744,381 R$1.18 R$0.880468
2021-07-06 R$0.000000000000 R$780,235 R$1.08 R$1.18
2021-07-05 R$0.000000000000 R$757,707 R$1.22 R$1.08
2021-07-04 R$0.000000000000 R$723,409 R$1.16 R$1.22
2021-07-03 R$0.000000000000 R$734,428 R$1.26 R$1.16
2021-07-02 R$0.000000000000 R$445,136 R$1.03 R$1.26
2021-07-01 R$0.000000000000 R$367,021 R$1.20 R$1.03
2021-06-30 R$0.000000000000 R$230,439 R$0.624113 R$1.20
2021-06-29 R$0.000000000000 R$96,255 R$0.521632 R$0.624113
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