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themis  (MIS)
Themis (MIS)
$0.085801845936 -46.9%
0.00000248 BTC -48.0%
0.00003940 ETH -47.8%
77 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap ?
24 Hour Trading Vol $51,718
Circulating Supply ?
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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Themis ETH (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-25 ETH0.000000000000 ETH32.025032 ETH0.00005521 N/A
2021-07-24 ETH0.000000000000 ETH45.952525 ETH0.00006829 ETH0.00005521
2021-07-23 ETH0.000000000000 ETH43.591230 ETH0.00007686 ETH0.00006829
2021-07-22 ETH0.000000000000 ETH32.203909 ETH0.00005478 ETH0.00007686
2021-07-21 ETH0.000000000000 ETH72.400 ETH0.00007884 ETH0.00005478
2021-07-20 ETH0.000000000000 ETH67.863 ETH0.00008808 ETH0.00007884
2021-07-19 ETH0.000000000000 ETH61.789 ETH0.00008443 ETH0.00008808
2021-07-18 ETH0.000000000000 ETH72.101 ETH0.00010202 ETH0.00008443
2021-07-17 ETH0.000000000000 ETH61.885 ETH0.00008771 ETH0.00010202
2021-07-16 ETH0.000000000000 ETH74.669 ETH0.00010544 ETH0.00008771
2021-07-15 ETH0.000000000000 ETH55.636 ETH0.00007938 ETH0.00010544
2021-07-14 ETH0.000000000000 ETH65.726 ETH0.00008087 ETH0.00007938
2021-07-13 ETH0.000000000000 ETH84.562 ETH0.00009401 ETH0.00008087
2021-07-12 ETH0.000000000000 ETH70.031 ETH0.00009585 ETH0.00009401
2021-07-11 ETH0.000000000000 ETH70.144 ETH0.00009010 ETH0.00009585
2021-07-10 ETH0.000000000000 ETH67.603 ETH0.00008384 ETH0.00009010
2021-07-09 ETH0.000000000000 ETH66.255 ETH0.00008232 ETH0.00008384
2021-07-08 ETH0.000000000000 ETH56.555 ETH0.00007261 ETH0.00008232
2021-07-07 ETH0.000000000000 ETH61.748 ETH0.00009784 ETH0.00007261
2021-07-06 ETH0.000000000000 ETH69.063 ETH0.00009604 ETH0.00009784
2021-07-05 ETH0.000000000000 ETH64.310 ETH0.00010359 ETH0.00009604
2021-07-04 ETH0.000000000000 ETH64.341 ETH0.00010344 ETH0.00010359
2021-07-03 ETH0.000000000000 ETH67.403 ETH0.00011592 ETH0.00010344
2021-07-02 ETH0.000000000000 ETH41.648050 ETH0.00009671 ETH0.00011592
2021-07-01 ETH0.000000000000 ETH32.406505 ETH0.00010632 ETH0.00009671
2021-06-30 ETH0.000000000000 ETH21.401184 ETH0.00005796 ETH0.00010632
2021-06-29 ETH0.000000000000 ETH9.370868 ETH0.00005078 ETH0.00005796
2021-06-28 ETH0.000000000000 ETH49.441137 ETH0.00007900 ETH0.00005078
2021-06-27 ETH0.000000000000 ETH53.280 ETH0.00012478 ETH0.00007900
2021-06-26 ETH0.000000000000 ETH39.713447 ETH0.00008124 ETH0.00012478
2021-06-25 ETH0.000000000000 ETH87.075 ETH0.00011487 ETH0.00008124
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