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themis  (MIS)
Themis (MIS)
$0.105501 2.4%
0.00000284 BTC 5.8%
0.00004794 ETH 8.8%
79 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap ?
24 Hour Trading Vol $32,102
Circulating Supply ?
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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Themis SAR (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-27 SR0.000000000000 SR92,794 SR0.317054 N/A
2021-07-26 SR0.000000000000 SR138,178 SR0.330331 SR0.317054
2021-07-25 SR0.000000000000 SR262,118 SR0.451876 SR0.330331
2021-07-24 SR0.000000000000 SR364,942 SR0.542332 SR0.451876
2021-07-23 SR0.000000000000 SR331,506 SR0.584486 SR0.542332
2021-07-22 SR0.000000000000 SR242,059 SR0.411732 SR0.584486
2021-07-21 SR0.000000000000 SR486,903 SR0.530186 SR0.411732
2021-07-20 SR0.000000000000 SR465,579 SR0.604256 SR0.530186
2021-07-19 SR0.000000000000 SR439,457 SR0.600518 SR0.604256
2021-07-18 SR0.000000000000 SR513,996 SR0.727284 SR0.600518
2021-07-17 SR0.000000000000 SR435,379 SR0.617098 SR0.727284
2021-07-16 SR0.000000000000 SR536,336 SR0.757340 SR0.617098
2021-07-15 SR0.000000000000 SR416,435 SR0.594158 SR0.757340
2021-07-14 SR0.000000000000 SR478,491 SR0.588740 SR0.594158
2021-07-13 SR0.000000000000 SR647,828 SR0.720234 SR0.588740
2021-07-12 SR0.000000000000 SR563,050 SR0.770672 SR0.720234
2021-07-11 SR0.000000000000 SR558,529 SR0.717456 SR0.770672
2021-07-10 SR0.000000000000 SR547,761 SR0.679361 SR0.717456
2021-07-09 SR0.000000000000 SR528,867 SR0.657074 SR0.679361
2021-07-08 SR0.000000000000 SR491,496 SR0.631057 SR0.657074
2021-07-07 SR0.000000000000 SR537,239 SR0.851261 SR0.631057
2021-07-06 SR0.000000000000 SR574,697 SR0.799164 SR0.851261
2021-07-05 SR0.000000000000 SR561,732 SR0.904859 SR0.799164
2021-07-04 SR0.000000000000 SR536,295 SR0.862188 SR0.904859
2021-07-03 SR0.000000000000 SR544,263 SR0.935998 SR0.862188
2021-07-02 SR0.000000000000 SR330,711 SR0.767954 SR0.935998
2021-07-01 SR0.000000000000 SR276,933 SR0.908602 SR0.767954
2021-06-30 SR0.000000000000 SR174,345 SR0.472189 SR0.908602
2021-06-29 SR0.000000000000 SR73,284 SR0.397143 SR0.472189
2021-06-28 SR0.000000000000 SR364,847 SR0.582973 SR0.397143
2021-06-27 SR0.000000000000 SR361,713 SR0.847089 SR0.582973
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